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How to make Totoro inari-zushi

April 11, 2011 bento
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A couple of weeks after it officially became Spring, it’s finally starting to get warm! Cherry blossoms will start blooming soon at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. So I’ll do a how-to on great picnic food for Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing). Character inari-zushi #1: Totoro inari-zushi Inari is fried bean curd cooked in soy sauce, sugar, mirin and water. The skin is juicy and sweet and the […]

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Bento #84: Okamiden bento

March 14, 2011 bento
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Yes. I just couldn’t resist. After I made non-bento #33: Okamiden gomoku-sushi, it really made me want to make a regular Okamiden themed bento. In the previous game Okami, there was an item which Amaterasu could sleep on to regain health. I used to looove watching Ameterasu sleep with flowers sprouting around him, so I decided to make sleeping Chibi-terasu bento

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Non-bento #33: Okamiden gomoku-sushi

March 7, 2011 bento
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I’ve always wanted to make Okami themed food, and since Okamiden’s release is only a week away, I thought it’s the best time for it. Okamiden is a DS game which is a sequel to the PS2 game Okami. It’s an action adventure game with a unique art style. The main character Amaterasu fights with yokai to bring peace back to the world.

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Bento #83: Hetalia bento

February 22, 2011 anime
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Have you heard that TOKYOPOP is doing a Hetalia Axis Power bento contest? Bento #83: Hetalia bento Created and eaten on: 2/22/2011 Contest details from the official website: — TOKYOPOP is looking for your bento to be a feature in Volume 3 of Hetalia Axis Power, scheduled to go on sale this summer! That’s right! We want to feature YOUR bento in Hetalia Volume 3!!! […]

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Bento #79: Costume Quest

October 25, 2010 bento
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A few days ago, my boyfriend downloaded a new XBLA (also available for PS3 network) game called Costume Quest. I watched him play a little bit, then I decided not to watch any further, because the game looked so darn cute and fun that I wanted to play it later by myself. He loved the game, and wrote a review on his blog. When he […]

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