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Ghibli feast #7: Spirited Away

May 28, 2010 bento
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Day 3 of Ghibli feast Ghibli feast #7: Spirited Away Spirited Away was the second Miyazaki film that was theatrically released in the U.S., so I’m sure a lot of people know and saw this film in the theater. I’m not going into details of this film since I’m not good at summarizing… so let’s just get to the feast. I’m sure the people who […]

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non-bento #16: Kaonashi and kodama onigiri

July 16, 2009 bento
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My boyfriend and I are on the road again! We’ve been trying to empty the fridge, so I’ve been making regular bento. But I still wanted to make a kyaraben-ish thing, so I decided to make breakfast. Non-bento #16: Kaonashi and Kodama onigiri (rice ball) Created and eaten on: 7/15/2009

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bento #12: Spirited Away

December 2, 2008 bento
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My boyfriend has the “Ootori-sama” (Duck God?) plush keychain from Spirited Away on his bag, so I always wanted to make a bento with Ootori-sama. I looked around my boyfriend’s room, trying to find anything that would go with Ootori-sama, and I noticed that hippo looking thing (Bou-nezumi) and the black bird (Hae-dori) from Spirited Away on his desk… that was enough for me to […]

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bento #6: Kaonashi

November 20, 2008 bento
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After my sad attempt at making a Nekobus bento, I was looking for something very easy & foolproof to make. I was going through images of characters from Ghibli films, and came across the picture of a tall black figure with black eyes and mouth on a white mask called Kaonashi (“No Face” in English version) from Spirited Away. Bento# 6: Kaonashi, Kodama and Makkurokurosuke bento […]

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