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Ghibli feast #7: Spirited Away

May 28, 2010 bento
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Day 3 of Ghibli feast Ghibli feast #7: Spirited Away Spirited Away was the second Miyazaki film that was theatrically released in the U.S., so I’m sure a lot of people know and saw this film in the theater. I’m not going into details of this film since I’m not good at summarizing… so let’s just get to the feast. I’m sure the people who […]

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Bento #74: Oruchuban Ebichu

February 23, 2010 anime
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I actually wanted to make this bento on Valentine’s day, but Valentine’s day being on Sunday, and we because had to go to IKEA, I couldn’t make bento on the 14th. It didn’t feel like it was appropriate to make this one after Valentine’s day, but oh what the heck. No man would mind a bento filled with heart shapes, right? Bento #74: Oruchuban Ebichu […]

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non-bento #21: kagami-"onigiri" Totoro

January 7, 2010 bento
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For those who have missed my previous post… Kagami-mochi is a decoration for the New Year in Japan. It’s made with 2~3 round rice cakes stacked on top of each other. Traditionally, you break it and eat it on the second Saturday or Sunday of January. I wanted to make some easy non-bento food on January 1st. It was really nothing special but I thought I’d […]

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How to make sheep rice ball

August 13, 2009 characters
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My day job, an online card game did a HUGE system update for the game about a week ago. So I’ve been online, writing emails, checking for bugs, chatting with the Japanese developers (the game is originally a Japanese game, my company brought it over to the U.S.) days and nights… and I just couldn’t make the time to update my blog. T_T Anyway, I […]

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how to make Kirby rice ball

July 23, 2009 characters
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I’m pretty surprised that “how to make radish mushroom / Mario mushroom” got so much attention in the past couple of days. Especially because when I did the how-to, my main focus was just a regular mushroom. I thought a regular mushroom would be more useful for regular kyaraben, and the Mario mushroom was just spur of the moment kind of thing. I ended up […]

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