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Non-bento #50: Tearaway (atoi & iota) turkey sandwich

November 29, 2013 bento
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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I haven’t made video game themed food recently because I haven’t played games that made me want to eat them. But the moment I saw Tearaway, I was in love. I knew exactly which ingredients I needed to make Tearaway themed food and I couldn’t be more excited to make it out of food and eat it. Also […]

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stuffed stuff: Tearaway iota Vita case

November 22, 2013 stuffed stuff
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Today is November 22nd, which means Tearaway by Media Molecule has finally launched! I had the opportunity to play it early and totally fell in love with the game. I actually bought a Vita just so I could play Tearaway. My brand new Vita is so shiny and naked, and after playing Tearaway for a little bit, I knew what I had to do. The […]

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bento #63: Little Big Planet

October 1, 2009 bento
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The price of the PS3 went down about a month ago, and Dell.com was having a sale so my boyfriend finally caved and bought a PS3 slim! There aren’t that many PS3 games we wanted to play but we were going to buy it eventually. Besides, in the mean time we can use it as a blu-ray player. (My latop also plays blu-ray and has […]

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