Bento #79: Costume Quest

October 25, 2010 bento
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A few days ago, my boyfriend downloaded a new XBLA (also available for PS3 network) game called Costume Quest. I watched him play a little bit, then I decided not to watch any further, because the game looked so darn cute and fun that I wanted to play it later by myself. He loved the game, and wrote a review on his blog. When he […]

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bento #45: Pink Castle Crasher and Tom Fulp

April 25, 2009 bento
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After I made the Castle Crashers bento, the image was posted in the forum on Newgrounds.com. Newgrounds is a flash game/animation site which was created and is owned by Tom Fulp, who is also one of the creators of Castle Crashers. The members of Newgrounds saw the bento, and were greatly upset (in a good nerdy way) by the fact that I left out the […]

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bento #43: Castle Crashers

April 11, 2009 bento
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I worked on the sketch for this bento for about 2 weeks, but I just couldn’t draw it. I thought about not doing this and moving on, but I just hate giving up, and my boyfriend and I love this game so much. After failing to make it about twice, I made Totoro Parade bento to keep me motivated, and finally I made it. Bento […]

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bento #40: Braid bento

March 7, 2009 bento
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There was another bento I’d been wanting to make for a long time, but I knew it would’ve been difficult, so I had been putting it off. I really had to get it out of my system, I just decided to go for it. Bento #40: Braid bento Created and eaten on: 3/6/2009

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bento #39: Mechazawa of Cromartie High School

February 26, 2009 anime
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My gods! My blog has finally caught up with my current bento!! I was wondering when it’d happen when I started the blog about 3 months ago. It’s sooner than I thought.. probably due to lack of bento-ing the past month or two. I’d like to keep my bento blog 3 times a week with a how-to on Sunday, but I’m only human. So if […]

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