Bento #86: Sword & Sworcery EP

July 3, 2012 bento
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Some of you who follow me on Twitter might know this but one of my favorite iOS games is Sword & Sworcery EP (available for iOS, Steam, Mac OS and Linux!) by superbrothers. I like it so much that I made a life-size Wolfmother plush for their A/V jam. (I’m still fixing her so she’s ready for to be adopted by her creator. I’m paying for […]

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Bento #85: Dollies bento

May 25, 2011 american
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The first time I went to Derek’s place, I was surprised to see that his place was filled with stuffed dolls made by his sister Clara. (Yes, Derek is manly enough to display his love for cute things and plush dolls. I’m so lucky!) She is an art teacher/fine artist and in college her boyfriend’s (now husband) senior film was a cute animation with characters […]

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Non-bento #28: Happy New Year bunny!

January 1, 2011 bento
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Shin-nen Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! (Happy New Year! in Japanese) We could’ve gone all out and made “osechi”, a very traditional bento/meal for a new year with 16 different dishes, but it’s very time consuming and can cost a lot since I have to get many ingredients at a Japanese supermarket… and I’m lazy. So we just decided to make our favorite easy & lazy meal, […]

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Bento #77: the Moomins

July 21, 2010 anime
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I almost forgot to blog about the Moomins! This was another bento I made for the Dream Bento Contest! Bento #77: the Moomins Created and eaten on: 7/6/2010

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Bento #69: Nekobus #3

January 19, 2010 bento
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Hooray! I finally made the first kyaraben of this year! I wanted to make it a lot sooner, but I just couldn’t come up with an idea. I thought of making a different/easier bento but I really wanted the first kyaraben to be “new year themed.” I was worried about not finishing it on time since I was so out of touch, so I made […]

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