How to make Rilakkuma inari-zushi

April 18, 2011 bento
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After I made Totoro inari-zushi, I had more inari-zushi skins left, so I decided to make some very very easy character inari-zushi the day after. Character inari-zushi #2: Rilakkuma inari-zushi I must admit, I’m not that big fan of Rilakkuma. I know of it and I find it cute, but I neither own any Rilakkuma products nor am I obsessed with it. I’ve been making […]

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How to make Totoro inari-zushi

April 11, 2011 bento
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A couple of weeks after it officially became Spring, it’s finally starting to get warm! Cherry blossoms will start blooming soon at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. So I’ll do a how-to on great picnic food for Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing). Character inari-zushi #1: Totoro inari-zushi Inari is fried bean curd cooked in soy sauce, sugar, mirin and water. The skin is juicy and sweet and the […]

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Non-bento #33: Okamiden gomoku-sushi

March 7, 2011 bento
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I’ve always wanted to make Okami themed food, and since Okamiden’s release is only a week away, I thought it’s the best time for it. Okamiden is a DS game which is a sequel to the PS2 game Okami. It’s an action adventure game with a unique art style. The main character Amaterasu fights with yokai to bring peace back to the world.

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bento #65: Where the Wild Things Are #2

October 8, 2009 american
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I still had Inarizushi skins from when I made the Little Big Planet bento, and I was thinking of how I can use it. I’ve already used them to make Totoro & Neko bus, Laputa robot, and Meat with a bone before, so I wanted to make something different. My friend sent me a link to a wonderful website called “Terrible Yellow Eyes” the other […]

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bento #63: Little Big Planet

October 1, 2009 bento
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The price of the PS3 went down about a month ago, and Dell.com was having a sale so my boyfriend finally caved and bought a PS3 slim! There aren’t that many PS3 games we wanted to play but we were going to buy it eventually. Besides, in the mean time we can use it as a blu-ray player. (My latop also plays blu-ray and has […]

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