Bento #72: Setsubun Totoro

February 3, 2010 bento
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Today, February 3rd, is the day of Setsubun in Japan. It’s the day to drive away evil spirits, which means to throw roasted soybeans at Oni (evil creature/ogres from Japanese myths). In almost all kindergartens and schools, students make an Oni mask for Setsubun, so that kids can take the mask home, have someone wear it, and throw soybeans at them. “Roasted soybeans are thrown […]

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bento #56: Moving day Totoro

July 2, 2009 bento
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Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, my company has been in the process of moving for the past week, and because of this we had July 1st off. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make bento until next week, so I decided to try making a “stay-home” bento. When I decided to make a bento to eat at home, I realized something. […]

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bento #42: Totoro parade

April 4, 2009 bento
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I had been working on a sketch of a kyaraben for a week, but it just didn’t look like it’d work out, and I was feeling pretty bummed. (I can’t tell you what it is yet! I hope I can make it next week.) You know what always makes me feel better? Totoro! Bento#41: Totoro parade bento Created and eaten on: 4/4/2009

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bento #31: Totoro snowman

January 29, 2009 bento
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After I posted how to make a Wall-E sandwich on December 21, I started getting a lot of traffic to my blog, my flickr and my boyfriend’s flickr. At the time, I was still writing about my older bento on my blog and using my flickr to post pictures for my blog, so I decided to make a bento for people who were visiting my […]

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bento #25: Flying Totoro

January 10, 2009 bento
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After getting my game bento rush out of my system I decided to go back to my all time favorite theme. Totoro! I wrote in my blog before, but I think I’m best at copying things. I like figuring out how to make food into a character or how to recreate a certain scene, but I’m not good at coming up with something original. So […]

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