Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction!

December 5, 2013 Blog
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I know I’ve posted enough giraffe plushies to last a lifetime, but I promise this is the last time! After giving the Naughty Dog guys the first giraffe plush, they said they would sign one for the Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction. I was in awe when I got the giraffe back. This pair of giraffes will be auctioned off at the Child’s Play Charity […]

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Revamp! Red Knight Bag

May 19, 2011 Blog
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I was organizing my closet the other day, and found the bag I got at Strand and used/abused throughout my art student years at SVA. (School of Visual Arts) Strand is the biggest used book store in NYC, and also known for their super heavy duty canvas bags. It’s not a big bag but it is very strong. So I used to just stuff it […]

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Robot Kitty

October 29, 2010 Blog
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So Double Fine, the studio that created Costume Quest, was doing a Halloween costume contest. I didn’t have the time to make a costume for myself so I decided to dress up my cat, Inari. I was pretty proud of this costume. I spent about 10 minutes making it with a tissue box, but she was not impressed and asked me not to submit her […]

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IKEA hack!

August 9, 2010 Blog
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Once again, I haven’t been doing much bento making but I have a little surprise for bento loving people tomorrow. But for those who are just bored, read on! We’ve been trying to “finish” our apartment since we got a little free time now. We moved into our place February 2009. We unpacked, got furniture and our place was 80% done within a week! Then […]

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I’m a troll!

June 20, 2010 Blog
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While the Dream Bento Contest is going on at EpiCute and My Food Looks Funny, I just couldn’t sit and wait… So I decided to enter the T-shirt contest at the Behemoth (creators of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater) site on my own! They’re my favorite game developers and I wanted to show some support. “The contest is simple: revamp a tee into something that […]

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