2013 has begun already?!

January 7, 2013

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Year of Snake!

Happy New Year! It's the year of Snake! (on kagamimochi)

So, it’s already been a week since 2013 began.

Time IS flying by fast. It feels like the older I get, the faster it flies.

Let’s see what my 2012 was like…

January 5th was my first blog post in 2012. See Happy New Year!

In February, we moved to San Diego from Brooklyn to work for the Behemoth. See Moving. DONE. (kinda)

In March, pretty much right after we moved from the east coast to the west coast, we went to PAX East. (But I blogged about it like 3 months later so no blog posts in March :o )

But I posted bunch of photos on PAX East 2012 photos!

Actually, a lot happened at PAX East.

stuffed stuff: Ushanka hat (a.k.a Castle Crashers bear hat)
stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers
stuffed stuff: Anklegator from Bastion

In April, I went to Japan on a business trip and that’s why the post of PAX East was delayed. See these posts for delicious food I ate and high tech hotels in Japan. Business trip to Japan! part 1, Business trip to Japan! part 2, Business trip to Japan! part 3

On May 8th, Maurice Sendak passed away, and I wrote a quick tribute post. See …and Max said “I’LL EAT YOU UP!”

In June, July and August, I was just trying to catch up with writing blog posts about the events that happened earlier in the year.

In September, we went to PAX Prime where I got to give my Raz plush to Tim Schafer.

stuffed stuff: Raz from Psychonauts

We met awesome people from Double Fine at meetup after PAX Prime. You can read about the panels I went to and the things I saw in these posts. PAX Prime 2012: Day 0~1, PAX Prime 2012: Day 2, PAX Prime 2012: Day 3

In October, I took Derek to the VGO concert in Boston and New York for his birthday. (I haven’t blogged about this and I want to at some point because it was amazing!) Also, we went to SF to meet Tasha Harris at APE and also got to meet the awesome people of Double Fine there! (Also super blog worthy post. I’ll have to sneak it in between my food & plush posts.)

November was another slow month for my blog. I was just catching up with my old events.

In December, I got to make tons of plushes of the two headed baby (the logo of Double Fine) for everyone at Double Fine! The blog post of this is coming soon, but I did write up a manual for the baby’s owners. Double Fine - Manuel de Bébé

Of course, this isn’t a list of all the blog posts in 2012. You can look back to see what else I did by clicking on the monthly archive on the side bars. (It’s a very long monthly list at the moment but hopefully Derek can find a good plugin for a drop down list like the Categories.)

After shipping off all the 2 headed babies, Christmas came and before we knew it, it was already 2013.

Awesome Christmas present from Derek!

For Christmas, Derek got me an embroidery machine!

New Year's Eve shabushabu!

We had shabushabu on New Year's Eve, and it was AMAZING!

Happy new year!

We used the broth from shabushabu for the broth for soba on the New Year's day 2013.

I know there weren’t many Behemoth related posts last year but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything at the Behemoth. As matter of a fact, super secret stuff is being worked on. Yes, stuff! Who knew stuff would take this long to get done… but it’s getting done! I cannot wait to tell everyone about this “stuff.”

2013 will be an awesome year. I can feel it. I just hope time will pass slower this year. So I can blog about it.

And I hope that it’ll be even more awesome year for you too! I truly do!

2013, let’s do this!

My New Year's resolution!

My New Year's resolution!

Since I’ve been failing to update my blog as often as I want to, there are some other social networking sites I use that you can check out.

Twitter – The SNS I update the most. I tweet mainly about video games, bento, cats, toys, and anything geeky I find interesting.
flickr – I started uploading my cellphone photos on Twitter via flickr mobile. Loving it.
Instagram – I will post selected flickr mobile photos here.
Google+ – My public posts are mainly blog posts, articles and some of my tweets but I love Google+!
Facebook – I mainly post blog updates there.
Tumblr – I post random photos of my old bento and plush.

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Bento #87: Alien Hominid bento

December 22, 2012

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Back in August, there was a special occasion which encouraged me to make a bento.

Yes, a BENTO!

Since we moved to San Diego, I really didn’t have to make a bento anymore. But who could miss such an awesome opportunity to make a bento of this?

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Year Anniversary bento
Created and eaten on: 8/7/2012

That’s right, the little yellow dude turned 10 this August!

Alien Hominid is a flash game developed by Tom Fulp (programmer) and Dan Paladin (animator), which was released on Newgrounds in August 2002. It’s a classic side-scrollng shooter, very similar to Metal Slug. (Slight warning: Newgrounds contains mature content.)

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Double Fine

December 19, 2012

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2HB logo

Manuel de Bébé

To the owner of a two-headed baby at Double Fine Productions.

Congratulations on your baby!

Now you’re responsible for not just an ordinary baby, but a plushy two-headed baby.

I know you must be excited and scared by this bundle of joy but I want you to not worry and enjoy your parenthood, because I offer every two headed baby owner a lifetime guarantee!

Seriously. If you have any questions about your baby, email me at annathered[at]gmail.com

Here are some notes and tips about your two headed baby. This page will be updated as I receive more questions or if I think of something new.

Q. My two-headed baby’s hair is longer than the other two headed babies’ hair…. Is my baby possessed?

A. I sure hope not. I made the hair longer than I needed, and trimmed it before shipping it off. So there’s a small chance that I forgot to trim it. If you’d like to trim the hair on your own, it’s supposed to be 3 inches and you can just cut it with scissors.

Q. My baby got dirty. How can I clean it up?

A. The fabrics used for the babies are NOT pre-shrunk, and throwing the baby into a washer will end in a horrifying result. To be honest, I don’t know how to clean them, but you can try the usual “spot cleaning” using a damp cloth and mild detergent or a solution of oxygen-bleach like OxiClean and water, or “hand washing” it in cold water.

If the baby is dirty beyond belief (I’m not going to even ask what you were doing with it.) or is ruined during the process of cleaning, send it to me. I will make you another baby.

Q. A thread is coming out of a seam. What should I do?

A. When I redid any seams, I’d open the seam and sew it twice if not thrice. So old thread might still be on the seam. Try pulling the thread and if the thread doesn’t come out loose, cut it as close to the fabric as possible. If it looks like the seam starts to unravel, oops, okay, email me & send it to me. I’ll fix it.

Q. My baby’s head doesn’t stay up.

A. I know. I tried to reinforce their skinny necks as much as possible by putting a lot of stuffing in the neck. However, it seems like their necks are bound to bend forward/backward because of their huge heads. You can make the neck stronger by re-distributing the stuffing to the necks by sticking a needle into the neck and wiggling it. I know it sounds horrible but it’s an easy thing to do. I’ll take photos of how you can do this later.
But if you want to have a baby with permanently sturdy necks permanently, please let me know. I can insert reinforcement inside the necks, such as miniature wire.

Q. My baby is ripped/torn/burnt/eaten/etc… and I don’t know what to do!

A. Don’t panic. Even if you are not good at sewing or mending, usually there’s someone who’s good at it around you, like “Mom” or “Grandma.” But if you can’t find anyone who can fix it, just send it to me and I’ll fix it. But if your baby is to meet an ill fate and is beyond repair, I will produce a baby for you because I’m a baby making machine.

Any questions, just email me at annathered[at]gmail.com or tweet me @TheAnnaTheRed!

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Now that I finally finished the PAX posts, I’m finally ready to do a new food post! This is something I made in August and it’s more like a different take on one of the old dishes I did before, but I still thought I’d post some photos of it.

Derek and I go to the farmers’ market almost every Saturday. There’s a shop that sells a lot of Asian vegetables and we always stop by and pick up some veggies. Also there’s an awesome fish shop that has fresh oysters and live sea urchin that they will prepare right in front of you. One weekend, I saw Asian pumpkin (Kabocha) and sardines for sale and it made me want to make a fish pie again.

I made a fish pie for “Fish pie from Kiki’s Delivery” during the 3 days of Ghibli Feast. To my surprise, it was DELICIOUS! I wanted to make it again, but with a different theme on top. I did some sketches but I wasn’t sure how hard and complicated it’d be to shape the pie dough. So I went with a simpler design, the Laputa robot from Laputa, a.k.a Castle in the Sky.

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie
Created and eaten on: 8/2/2012

This pie is pretty easy. All you need is white sauce, fish (the fish pie in Kiki’s Delivery Service is made with herring but I read that any white fish will do), mashed pumpkin and pie dough.

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PAX Prime 2012: Day 3

November 17, 2012

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Okay this is the last post of PAX Prime 2012 which took place at the end of August. Time flies so fast. Even faster on the internet!

PAX posts always require more time because of the massive amount of photo uploading & linking. Me being lazy is really does not help at all. Hopefully I can write shorter posts more frequently! Anyway, for those who are interested in this ancient history, a.k.a PAX Prime 2012, read on!

Or you can read the previous posts for PAX Prime 2012 before this post.

PAX Prime 2012: Day 0~1
PAX Prime 2012: Day 2

Okay let’s start the day 3 of PAX Prime!

PAX Prime 2012: Day 3

The previous day we pretty much had a full of day playing games, and this day was the day for panels!

PAX Prime 2012

Gigantic chess board made entirely out of cards!

We first went to our favorite panel, Pitch Your Game Idea.

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