EDIT: I saw in the Press Release by NECA posted online that they are indeed working on a Songbird plush (if they haven’t made it already). They did such a wonderful job on the Big Daddy plush from BioShock 2, and I’m sure they’ll make an awesome Songbird plush. So keep an eye out for it!

Derek and I are huge fans of BioShock. We liked it so much that I even made a bento of it, and had a photo of the bento signed by Ken Levine, Shawn Robertson and Nate Wells at PAX East two years ago. So you can imagine how excited we’ve been for the BioShock Infinite ever since Irrational Games announced it.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

From PAX East 2011. He told me that he had seen it online. It made my year.

BioShock bento signed

I keep all signed bento photos in a binder. They're my treasures.

It was around the holiday last year that Irrational Games (the video game studio that created BioShock) tweeted this image.

Happy Holidays from Irrational Games

As soon as I saw the image, I knew what I had to do.

stuffed stuff: Songbird from BioShock Infinite

stuffed stuff: Songbird from BioShock Infinite

Stuffed stuff: Songbird from BioShock Infinite
Created and stuffed: March 2013

The plush is based on a character called Songbird from BioShock Infinite. It’s the protector of Elizabeth the heroine in game and he will do whatever to protect her & get her back at any cost.

Now that Derek and I finished BioShock Infinite once (we’re already on our second playthrough) we can say that, without spoilers, it was absolutely gorgeous and the story totally blew our minds. I fell in love with Songbird even more! Also there actually are Songbird plush in the game!

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PAX East 2013: Day 1

April 1, 2013

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After losing our sweet kitty Inari, we kept ourselves busy with work and preparation for PAX East. We knew that nothing would make us feel better than meeting awesome people and playing awesome games at PAX East.

PAX East 2013

The letter says "So, what's going on, attendees of the REAL PAX?!"

We flew into NYC on Thursday 3/21 so I could get a haircut before PAX and had ramen at Minca.

PAX East 2013

It's been more than 5 months since the last time we had ramen at Minca.

Then we hopped on a BoltBus and arrived at the hotel in Boston around 8:30 PM. We had dinner with my tired but excited co-workers who had been in Boston since Tuesday to set up the booth at the convention center.

Even though I now work for The Behemoth, Derek and I still come to PAX as attendees. The Behemoth has a super experienced staff and usually don’t need my help, besides we love going to panels and checking out games as much as we can.

A couple of days before PAX East, there were many exciting announcements flying around the internet. The Behemoth announced the release date for their new game BattleBlock Theater (which is April 3rd. Mark your calendar!) Supergiant Games announced the new game they’re working on. And Double Fine and Capybara Games announced a super limited game bundle box set. It comes with a floppy disc with a steam code for the bundle on it. Also the floppy contains a racing game with characters from Capybara games and Double Fine games.

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Inari #1

March 17, 2013

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I mentioned this on twitter and my FB page but this is the first time I write a post about the recent saddest event in Derek and my life.

Exactly a month ago on February 17, our sweet kitty, Inari passed away. She was 17 years and 9 months old.

R.I.P Inari (1995 ~ 2013)

I'd look into her eyes and kiss her on the forehead after this. She loooooved it. (may not look like it but she really did!)

I wanted to do a special blog post before going back to the regular blog but the sad feeling is still fresh and it’s been hard for me to write about her. I was actually keeping a detailed journal since the day she got sick on January 31st, hoping that I’d share it on my blog after she got better. But unfortunately she didn’t.

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This is kind of like part 2 of stuffed stuff: 2HB firstborn edition, so check it out if you’re interested.

Shortly after APE (The Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco, I was offered an amazing opportunity from the video game studio Double Fine to make a Two Headed Baby (a.k.a. 2HB) as a surprise holiday gift for the entire Double Fine staff!

stuffed stuff: 2HB Holiday edition

Happy parents of 2HB at Double Fine!

Click to enlarge the photo!

stuffed stuff: 2HB holiday edition
created and stuffed: November ~ January 2013

The 2HB firstborn edition I made and gifted to Double Fine at APE was made with cotton velour which I had bought online in the past. I didn’t have enough of that fabric and we didn’t have time to order more.

So after going back and forth with the person in charge of this secret project, we decided to go with a smaller size and fleece as the fabric. Also we wanted to see if what it’d look like with open mouths and with different colors for the stripes, so I made two 2HB plushes with four different colors for the stripes on the swimsuit.

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The whole thing kinda started during the Double Fine meetup at PAX Prime 2012. (scroll down to the bottom for the pictures from the meetup.) The Double Fine people seem to like the Raz from Psychonauts I made. I got compliments and it was pretty awesome.

After I came back from PAX Prime, I found out that Tasha Harris who used to work for Double Fine and now works at Pixar would be at APE (The Alternative Press Expo) held in San Francisco in October. I’m a huge fan of Costume Quest (available on XBLA, PS3, PC/Mac!), which Tasha was the project lead when she was at Double Fine. I loved the game so much that I made a bento of it.

Bento #79: Costume Quest (click the text to read the post)

Bento #79: Costume Quest

And that wasn’t enough, I also made plushes of the two main characters, Wren and Reynold and shipped them to her.

stuffed stuff: Costume Quest Wren and Reynold (Click to read the post)

Costume Quest (Wren and Reynold)

I always wanted to meet her in person to thank her for making a great game, so Derek and I decided to go up to San Francisco to meet her at APE. I also learned that Double Fine would have a booth at APE, so I decided to make a little something for them… a day before we were leaving.

Several hours later, I gave a birth to this.

stuffed stuff: 2HB (Two-Headed Baby) from Double Fine logo (firstborn edition)

stuffed stuff prelude: 2HB (Two-Headed Baby) from Double Fine logo firstborn edition
created and stuffed: October 2012

In the Double Fine Adventure documentary video I had seen the knitted Two Headed Baby plush created by Jess Hutchinson in the background, and I thought it was adorable! I always wanted to make one myself. The mouth part would be a bit hard to do, so I used the knitted one as reference for the closed mouth.

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