It was about 1:00 am and I was getting tired because I was working on something very tedious. So decided to take a break. I started looking at the really cute illustrations of Naughty Dog characters that Alexandria Neonakis did for their Valentine’s day cards.

stuffed stuff: Clicker from The Last of Us based on art by Alexandria Neonakis

stuffed stuff: Clicker from The Last of Us based on art by Alexandria Neonakis

I can’t stress enough how much I suck at re-designing realistic characters into plushable forms. I have great respect for those who can simplify or “cutify” characters.

I’ve tried making a plush of a realistic character before. But because I can’t redesign, the plush will still have all the details which could/should be omitted. For example the Master Chief plush I made for my friend was a nightmare! It turned out okay and my friend loved it, but I know it could’ve been a lot simpler and cuter. And that’s why I used Scott Campbell’s painting for the plush of Gipsy Danger and Otachi from Pacific Rim. [ - Click to continue reading! - ]

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I’ll write a proper stuffed stuff post later, but I wanted to share this super quick post about these little guys!

This year I’m contributing one pair of plushes & another to Desert Bus for Hope.

stuffed stuff for Desert Bus for Hope 7

If nothing goes wrong, these items will be auctioned off during the video game marathon of Desert Bus. All proceeds will go to Child’s Play Charity.

#1. Gipsy Danger & Otachi, based on the painting by Scott Campbell from Pacific Rim.

stuffed stuff: Gipsy Danger & Otachi, based on the painting of Pacific Rim by Scott Campbell

"today we face the monsters that are at our door" by Scott Campbell

These will be listed as a pair. The removable ship will also come with Gipsy Danger. As you can see, this is a plush version of the painting by Scott Campbell, so some parts are simplified. These plushes are NOT intended to be directly accurate to the movie designs.

Here are some more close-up shots. There are more photos of them on my flickr “stuffed stuff: Gipsy Danger & Otachi, based on the painting of Pacific Rim by Scott Campbell” set.

stuffed stuff: Gipsy Danger & Otachi, based on the painting of Pacific Rim by Scott Campbell

stuffed stuff: Gipsy Danger & Otachi, based on the painting of Pacific Rim by Scott Campbell

stuffed stuff: Gipsy Danger & Otachi, based on the painting of Pacific Rim by Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell has been painting a series called Great Showdowns depicting famous movie showdowns. It’s fun to guess which movies each of them is from. Also they’re all really really cute.

Actually, everything Scott draws is super cute. If you’re into cute stuff, you should check out his site! PyramidCar.com! (Note: As of now, seems like his site is having technical difficulties… But I’m posting the link anyway. Please check back later!)

My other contribution is…

#2. Plush Pyth from Bastion by Supergiant Games

plush Pyth from Bastion

plush Pyth from Bastion

This is “version 1″ of the plush Pyth I made back in 2011. I wrote a blog post about it and you can check it out on stuffed stuff: Pyth from Bastion.

Note: This is a version different from the version 2 of Pyth, which I gave to each staff member of Supergiant Games. You can read about it on stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth ver.2.

Okay that’s it!

By the way, I do NOT take commissions for these, unless you are Guillermo del Toro, Scott Campbell (he’s getting one anyway!) or anyone from Supergiant Games.

So if you like & want them, make sure you check the Desert Bus for Hope site for more details. Also there will be TONS of amazing geek culture related hand crafted stuff up for auction on Desert Bus for Hope!

I’ll post a reminder about Desert Bus for Hope when it gets closer to the day.

If you want to see more photos of these plushes, check out my “stuffed stuff: Gipsy Danger & Otachi, based on the painting of Pacific Rim by Scott Campbell” set or “stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth from Bastion” set on my flickr.

While you’re at it, you can also check my other stuffed stuff on my flickr! “stuffed stuff & other stuff I made”


I made two gift plushes for PAX Prime this year. One was a giraffe from the Last of Us which I gave to Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley of Naughty Dog. You can read all about my poor planning in stuffed stuff: Giraffe plush from the Last of Us.

The other one was something I made on commission for Paul Levering from 2 Player Productions. A while back, Paul asked me to make something special for his girlfriend. He told me that this guy was her most favorite character from Psychonauts by Double Fine.

stuffed stuff: Mr. Pokeylope from Psychonauts

stuffed stuff: Mr. Pokeylope from Psychonauts
created and stuffed: August 2013

2PP produced the first season of PATV, a documentary on Minecraft, and MORE! Now they’re documenting Broken Age and Massive Chalice by Double Fine.

They recently announced that they’re involved in Mighty No. 9, the new game from the creator of Mega Man. (Their Kickstarter will end on October 1, 2013, so you still have time to back this awesome project!) Paul’s involved in pretty much every video game related documentary I watch so I feel like I’ve known him for a very long time even though we’ve only met a couple of times in person.

Since it was a commission, I emailed Paul pictures to make sure he was okay with the shapes and materials. So I have a couple of “in-progress pictures” to share with you this time. [ - Click to continue reading! - ]


As soon as the PAX Prime schedule was announced, Derek and I started listing up the panels we wanted to go. One panel we absolutely did not want to miss was the panel for The Last of Us with Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley.

Not only we were excited to see the developers of The Last of Us talk in person, but I thought this would be the perfect chance to make something for them to show my gratitude for the amazing and emotional experience that The Last of Us gave Derek and I. I didn’t know what to make though. I’m bad at redesigning realistic characters as plushes. That’s the reason I haven’t made anything from the Uncharted series which are some of our all time favorite games. I was making a list of possible plushable characters but everything about this game is very realistic. A rugged looking guy Joel, a tough young girl Ellie, humans infected with Cordyceps called Clickers, and the famous bricks. (yes, bricks.)

I was already thinking about just how I’d redesign the characters when we spotted something that made my plushy light bulb light up.

stuffed stuff: Giraffe from the Last of Us

stuffed stuff: Giraffe plush from The Last of Us
created and stuffed: September 2013

I don’t want to go into the details of the story of The Last of Us but you can find this giraffe plush in certain places in the game. Seeing this adorable giraffe plush placed in the pre & post apocalyptic world seemed so symbolic and perfect for my plush project. [ - Click to continue reading! - ]


SDCC 2013

August 10, 2013

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At a Ralphs by the SDCC convention center, super heroes are holding junk food and energy drinks everywhere.

This is how you know SDCC is coming in San Diego. You'll start seeing super heroes EVERYWHERE. This is at a Ralphs supermarket by the SDCC convention center. Lots of super heroes were holding junk food and energy drinks.

So I attended SDCC again this year.

SDCC is full of events, swag and exclusives, but pretty much the only reason I go is to meet my favorite people & friends.

On preview night Darren Korb (the master behind the beautiful music of Bastion) stopped by the Behemoth booth. He was there to support his friends who was in the small press section.

Just like Dan, Darren has a French bulldog. As soon as I told them, they started sharing their precious moments. They showed each other cell phone photos of their dogs say stuff like: “My dog sits like this, does yours do it too?” “This is my dog sitting on my desk.” etc… They are both proud owners of French bulldogs, and it was pretty funny to watch.

On Saturday I went to say hi to Erick Scarecrow. He was only there for an autograph signing, but he was really nice and spent some time chatting with me and visited the Behemoth booth!

I got to know him through his Uncharted vinyl Nathan Drake figures, but him being a New Yorker made it even easier to become a big fan of him. He’s working with Naughty Dog doing some awesome stuff for the Last of Us. I can’t wait to see more of his stuff in the future! I like how when two awesome subcultures like video games & vinyl toys (non-action figures) come together they can create something new.

On Sunday, I got to give a plush to Kris Straub. He was already packing up when I got there, but as usual he was super nice. We chatted a bit about his new series Broodhollow, which I’m a huge fan of. If you’re into horror/thriller stories, you should totally read it. I also recommend his other site with mini horror/thriller stories, Ichor Falls!

His Kickstarter project is already funded, but the project is ending on Wednesday Aug 14, 11:15am EDT. There’s still time to get your hands on the hard cover or soft cover with a bunch of awesome stuff! If you’re reading this after the project has ended you should still read it & buy the book!

I’ll write about this in another full blog post but I think this was the first plush I’ve made which resembled the actual animal. Here’s a sneak preview…

SDCC 2013

Mercy the bat meets her creator, Kris Straub.

After that I got to meet Scott Campbell who does concept art for Double Fine. I told him that I was the one who made the 2-Headed Baby plushes for the Double Fine employees. He was super nice and funny. He drew a quick portrait of Derek and me!

[ - Click to continue reading! - ]

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