stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth baby hat

August 7, 2014

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This past PAX East I made some plushes for my favorite people like I always do. I only tweeted pictures but I never blogged or posted photos here, so here I go.

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat for Darren’s new baby, Milo!
created and stuffed: April 2014

I’ve been following & supporting Supergiant Games since PAX East 2011. I’m such a huge fan of them, I even made plushes of Plush Pyth & Ankle Gators from their first game, Bastion, for each staff member of the studio.

Right before PAX East this year, I just got  wonderful news from Darren Korb, the composer at Supergiant Games.

He and his wife Michelle had a baby boy!

I wanted to give them something but I didn’t have  time to go get anything cool (like Totoro related baby stuff). So, I decided to make something.

I found a free pattern for a baby fleece hat online (I can’t remember where I found the pattern.) And I used the pattern to make a Plush Pyth hat.

plush Pyth reference photo

Plush Pyth from Bastion

Plush Pyth ver.2

Plush Pyth I made & gave to Supergiant Games

I added the pink muzzle, eyes, horns, fake stitching, and my favorite, tail! It was for a newborn baby so everything was sewn on.

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat

I visited the Supergiant Games booth on Friday morning when they were setting up, and luckily I got to meet Darren, Michelle and Milo.

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat

You can’t see him but Michelle is holding baby Milo. He’s super tiny!

stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat

Logan (the voice actor for Bastion and Transistor) photobombing.

A few days later they sent me this picture.

YES, a tiny baby & French bulldog, Higgins! I died. (As I kind of expected it was HUGE on him. I don’t know why the top part was so roomy, but I guess he can grow into it…?)

Darren, Michelle, Milo and Higgins, I wish you all best and with lots of love! I’m so jealous that Milo gets free a live concert from Darren!

For more pictures of this plush, visit stuffed stuff: stuffed stuff: Plush Pyth hat for Milo! set!

You can also check out more stuffed stuff on my flickr.

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gabbeNo Gravatar August 19, 2014 at 10:55 pm

OMGosh- the dog & baby both are freakin’ adorable! you knocked it out of the park as always- such a totally adorable handmade treasure!!


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