stuffed stuff: Cool Bunny from the Last of Us DLC “Left Behind”

May 9, 2014

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This post contains images from the Last of Us DLC “Left Behind.”  No story spoilers but if you haven’t played Left Behind and want to play it completely spoiler free, do not scroll down.








stuffed stuff: Cool Bunny from the Last of Us DLC “Left Behind”

I played The Last of Us DLC “Left Behind” the day it came out which was Valentine’s Day. (Seriously, what’s a more perfect day to play video games?)

As I always do with any video games I like, I looked for anything plushable as I played it. And I encountered this.

By Alexandria Neonakis

If you’ve played The Last of Us, but have yet to play Left Behind, it’s probably hard to imagine where these ADORABLE images could from in Left Behind, but they do indeed exist in the game and I’m super happy that they do.

These illustrations are by Alexandria Neonakis, the awesome UI artist at Naughty Dog. She’s the one who drew the Valentine’s Day cards with the Naughty Dog characters which I liked so much and made a plush of before.

They also made the shirt with this Cool Bunny for PAX East. I bought it of course. As matter of a fact, I bought two Cool Bunny shirts in different sizes.

Each piece of the Cool Bunny is pretty simple but the hardest thing was getting the proportions correct. (I’ll probably write a post about how I do it someday.) Oh by the way, Math comes in VERY HANDY for stuff like this.

So remember kids, MATH IS COOL!

Anyway, here it is. Cool Bunny.

I put a pipe cleaner inside the sunglasses, so you can bend the frame.


I made this in one night! But that’s not an excuse for not being able to make the nose part raised. There’s always something…

Alex recently wrote a very interesting article about designing the UI (User Interface) for the Last of Us, so go check it out! The UI is something that most people don’t even realize just how much work & thoughts would go into. It was such an interesting read because these are the kind of things that people only complain about but rarely praise. And she explains it so well with before and after images.

Reading her post reminded me of the days I used to translate & subtitle Japanese movies and  anime. My goal was to make not only the translation & subtitles accurate but also natural to not distract the audience. Also, I would break up the translated sentence just like the Japanese sentence so when you read the translation & subtitles in your head, it’d have the same “flow” as the original sentence, like when to pause, etc… Just so you know, this was extremely hard. Not many people even notice or appreciate this. I’m sure people assume that they get a script translated and insert the translation in the film automatically. Well guess what. It’s usually done manually by a person. One line at a time. I probably have more than a couple of hundred episodes & films under my belt.

The sad thing was that if I did a really good job, no one will say anything about it, and that was what I aimed for. Every title I worked on, all I wished was “Please don’t say anything about the translation/subtitles in the reviews…” Because when they do, it’s usually a negative thing.  FUN TIMES. Oh and one more thing. THREE-LINE SUBTITLES SHOULD BE BANNED. ugh.

Anyway, I went off-topic here. But I had a lot of fun making Cool Bunny!

It was a quick but satisfying project. (Except that nose part…!) I was using the T-shirt as a reference while I was making it, but looking at the GIF file on Alex’s Tumblr makes me want to make the pink bunny… and even maybe the high-five frog!

I wanted to add something about Left Behind. Don’t worry, no story spoilers here either. It was more about how I played & why. Because I didn’t realize why I was playing the way I was until I was talking about it with my friend.

I loved “Left Behind.” I felt very natural playing like I’d usually do, taking my sweet time and being extremely stealthy. When I was playing as Ellie, I realized that I definitely feel more engaged if the character I’m playing has a similar body type (small frame) as me.

If I were in the post-apocalyptic world, how else would I survive but by being stealthy and hide until I’d get my chance? I’m tiny. Maybe slightly bigger than Ellie. There’s no way I could take down an adult man or infected by myself with a brick.

And if I used guns, I’d get spotted and I’d be surrounded. I’d be screwed if it were me in that world. So my methods were “stealth + smoke bombs + shiv” or “bow & arrows.” I was taking down one guy at a time, like a ninja. It was pretty satisfying. Joel probably wouldn’t fight this way since he’s a grown man who can physically take down someone.

A friend of mine said that he just used guns. I admit, I do suck at aiming, but to me the idea of a little girl quickly reloading & shooting multiple guys in the head didn’t seem convincing to me. So yeah, if I could I’d totally play the entire game as Ellie.

For more pictures of this plush, visit stuffed stuff: Cool Bunny from the Last of Us DLC “Left Behind” set!

You can also check out more stuffed stuff on my flickr.

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YamikuronueNo Gravatar May 9, 2014 at 9:05 am

I’ve been following your blog for a while but I don’t usually comment. But I wanted to drop by and let you know that I always really appreciate good subtitling! I know enough Japanese to get a sense of when the subtitles are really poor, though not enough to watch without, and sometimes I’ll abandon a show altogether if I can’t find good subtitles, so thank you for putting the time and effort in :)

Also your plushies are amazing but you already knew that ^^


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