January 2013

stuffed stuff: Double Fine 2HB (Two-Headed Baby) firstborn edition

January 11, 2013 stuffed stuff
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The whole thing kinda started during the Double Fine meetup at PAX Prime 2012. (scroll down to the bottom for the pictures from the meetup.) The Double Fine people seem to like the Raz from Psychonauts I made. I got compliments and it was pretty awesome. After I came back from PAX Prime, I found out that Tasha Harris who used to work for Double […]

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2013 has begun already?!

January 7, 2013 Blog
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So, it’s already been a week since 2013 began. Time IS flying by fast. It feels like the older I get, the faster it flies. Let’s see what my 2012 was like… January 5th was my first blog post in 2012. See Happy New Year! In February, we moved to San Diego from Brooklyn to work for the Behemoth. See Moving. DONE. (kinda) In March, pretty much […]

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