Bento #87: Alien Hominid bento

December 22, 2012

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Back in August, there was a special occasion which encouraged me to make a bento.

Yes, a BENTO!

Since we moved to San Diego, I really didn’t have to make a bento anymore. But who could miss such an awesome opportunity to make a bento of this?

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Year Anniversary bento
Created and eaten on: 8/7/2012

That’s right, the little yellow dude turned 10 this August!

Alien Hominid is a flash game developed by Tom Fulp (programmer) and Dan Paladin (animator), which was released on Newgrounds in August 2002. It’s a classic side-scrollng shooter, very similar to Metal Slug. (Slight warning: Newgrounds contains mature content.)

Alien with gun

I even made this fan plush of the little yellow dude before!

The game’s adorable character design and adorably drawn violence won so many hearts of old school game lovers. After Tom and Dan founded the Behemoth with John Baez, between 2004~2006 they released the game for consoles such as Play Station 2, GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance. The HD version Alien Hominid HD was released for XBLA in 2007. (I know I sound like I’m trying hard to sell the Behemoth games here but hey, I can’t help that fact that I’m still a huge fan of the Behemoth!)

Anyway, we at the Behemoth wanted to do something special to celebrate its birthday, so my co-worker’s roommate baked us an Alien Hominid themed cake and I made an Alien Hominid themed bento.  Since I haven’t made bento in ages, I needed to ease back in…

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

The day before, I cooked chicken, and cut the FBI guys out of seaweed. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with the FBI guy yet but I thought I could come up with something once I started making it. I also cut the seaweed pieces for the alien and drew the alien on parchment paper and cut it out so I could use it as a guide.

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

A bit pale for an alien but it didn't get ripped.

On the day of the bento assembly, I put chicken at the bottom part of the bento, and fill the top part with rice mixed with ground black sesame seeds. I made an egg sheet (see “How to make an egg sheet“) and used the pre-cut parchment paper as a guide to cut the alien.

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Aniversary

You can see the rice mixed with black sesame seed. And also how the antenna (made with cooked eggplant skin) is kinda floating underneath his head.

Then I put the egg sheet alien on the rice. I cut red and yellow pepper and cooked it for a bit and placed it on rice to make it look like fire, and also made his signature laser gun out of cooked broccoli stem.

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

I'm proud of these 3D fingers.

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

Fire-y peppers

It was going rather smoothly but then it was the time to place the FBI agents. After thinking about it a little bit I thought I’d just place it over the chicken like they were being blown up.

But as I was putting them on, I realized that it was hard to recognize the FBI agents, and also putting it directly onto the chicken were making it all wrinkly.

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

I had about 3 different shapes cut out for the FBI guys.

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

An FBI guy punching another FBI guy... What?

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

Black seaweed on dark colored broccoli & dark colored fried chicken.

This happens way too often than I’d like. What part of “planning things thoroughly” don’t I understand? I should’ve probably put the FBI guys on a lighter base, like cheese or some kind of veggie.

Alas! I was running out of time. So I had Derek take pictures.

Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Anniversary

When Alien Hominid HD came out for XBLA, Derek and I played it a lot but we could never beat it in co-op. Not because we didn’t like it but it was HARD, and that’s actually one of the reasons this game became so famous. Derek managed to beat it on easy mode, but it took a lot of “continues.”

Derek later created a fan trailer for Alien Hominid HD to break in his new video capture card!  I helped him a little when he captured the vehicles part.

Here’s a photo of Dan and the cake my co-worker’s roommate baked! She made the amazing Alien Hominid edible decoration!

Alien Hominid 10th Year Anniversary cake!

Glorious & delicious cake!

Alien Hominid 10th Year Anniversary cake!

Edible paper-thin Alien Hominid cake decoration!

Alien Hominid 10th Year Anniversary cake!

Dan and Tom couldn't be happier.

Alien Hominid 10th Year Anniversary cake!

Alien Hominid 10th Year Anniversary cake!

"Fat Kid" stuffed himself with the delicious cake!

Alien Hominid 10th Year Anniversary cake!

And one of our office dogs turned into an alien.

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OMG THAT DOG I WANT TO EAT IT and that bento of course


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Much love,
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OMG!! Awesome page! Tq for sharing the idea :)


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