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December 19, 2012

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To the owner of a two-headed baby at Double Fine Productions.

Congratulations on your baby!

Now you’re responsible for not just an ordinary baby, but a plushy two-headed baby.

I know you must be excited and scared by this bundle of joy but I want you to not worry and enjoy your parenthood, because I offer every two headed baby owner a lifetime guarantee!

Seriously. If you have any questions about your baby, email me at annathered[at]gmail.com

Here are some notes and tips about your two headed baby. This page will be updated as I receive more questions or if I think of something new.

Q. My two-headed baby’s hair is longer than the other two headed babies’ hair…. Is my baby possessed?

A. I sure hope not. I made the hair longer than I needed, and trimmed it before shipping it off. So there’s a small chance that I forgot to trim it. If you’d like to trim the hair on your own, it’s supposed to be 3 inches and you can just cut it with scissors.

Q. My baby got dirty. How can I clean it up?

A. The fabrics used for the babies are NOT pre-shrunk, and throwing the baby into a washer will end in a horrifying result. To be honest, I don’t know how to clean them, but you can try the usual “spot cleaning” using a damp cloth and mild detergent or a solution of oxygen-bleach like OxiClean and water, or “hand washing” it in cold water.

If the baby is dirty beyond belief (I’m not going to even ask what you were doing with it.) or is ruined during the process of cleaning, send it to me. I will make you another baby.

Q. A thread is coming out of a seam. What should I do?

A. When I redid any seams, I’d open the seam and sew it twice if not thrice. So old thread might still be on the seam. Try pulling the thread and if the thread doesn’t come out loose, cut it as close to the fabric as possible. If it looks like the seam starts to unravel, oops, okay, email me & send it to me. I’ll fix it.

Q. My baby’s head doesn’t stay up.

A. I know. I tried to reinforce their skinny necks as much as possible by putting a lot of stuffing in the neck. However, it seems like their necks are bound to bend forward/backward because of their huge heads. You can make the neck stronger by re-distributing the stuffing to the necks by sticking a needle into the neck and wiggling it. I know it sounds horrible but it’s an easy thing to do. I’ll take photos of how you can do this later.
But if you want to have a baby with permanently sturdy necks permanently, please let me know. I can insert reinforcement inside the necks, such as miniature wire.

Q. My baby is ripped/torn/burnt/eaten/etc… and I don’t know what to do!

A. Don’t panic. Even if you are not good at sewing or mending, usually there’s someone who’s good at it around you, like “Mom” or “Grandma.” But if you can’t find anyone who can fix it, just send it to me and I’ll fix it. But if your baby is to meet an ill fate and is beyond repair, I will produce a baby for you because I’m a baby making machine.

Any questions, just email me at annathered[at]gmail.com or tweet me @TheAnnaTheRed!

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DF AnnaNo Gravatar December 19, 2012 at 4:59 pm

Thanks Anna, my 2hb rules. <3


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