December 2012

Bento #87: Alien Hominid bento

December 22, 2012 bento
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Back in August, there was a special occasion which encouraged me to make a bento. Yes, a BENTO! Since we moved to San Diego, I really didn’t have to make a bento anymore. But who could miss such an awesome opportunity to make a bento of this? Bento #87: Alien Hominid 10th Year Anniversary bento Created and eaten on: 8/7/2012 That’s right, the little yellow […]

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Double Fine

December 19, 2012 stuffed stuff
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Manuel de Bébé To the owner of a two-headed baby at Double Fine Productions. Congratulations on your baby! Now you’re responsible for not just an ordinary baby, but a plushy two-headed baby. I know you must be excited and scared by this bundle of joy but I want you to not worry and enjoy your parenthood, because I offer every two headed baby owner a […]

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