Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

November 28, 2012

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Now that I finally finished the PAX posts, I’m finally ready to do a new food post! This is something I made in August and it’s more like a different take on one of the old dishes I did before, but I still thought I’d post some photos of it.

Derek and I go to the farmers’ market almost every Saturday. There’s a shop that sells a lot of Asian vegetables and we always stop by and pick up some veggies. Also there’s an awesome fish shop that has fresh oysters and live sea urchin that they will prepare right in front of you. One weekend, I saw Asian pumpkin (Kabocha) and sardines for sale and it made me want to make a fish pie again.

I made a fish pie for “Fish pie from Kiki’s Delivery” during the 3 days of Ghibli Feast. To my surprise, it was DELICIOUS! I wanted to make it again, but with a different theme on top. I did some sketches but I wasn’t sure how hard and complicated it’d be to shape the pie dough. So I went with a simpler design, the Laputa robot from Laputa, a.k.a Castle in the Sky.

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie
Created and eaten on: 8/2/2012

This pie is pretty easy. All you need is white sauce, fish (the fish pie in Kiki’s Delivery Service is made with herring but I read that any white fish will do), mashed pumpkin and pie dough.

I posted how I made my fish pie on my blog post before, so if you’re interested in making one, check out Ghibli Feast #4: Kiki’s Delivery Service.

I didn’t have any leftovers from another dish like I did the last time so I made everything just for this dish (previously, I had used the left over Bechamel sauce from Ghibli feast #1: Porco Rosso) but it still wasn’t too complicated. I made white sauce and mashed pumpkin the day before, kept them in the fridge, and Derek prepare the pie dough.

I cleaned the fish and sprinkled salt all over it & soaked it in sake to take the fishy smell out while I got ready with the pie. Last time I made it, I had a layer of pie at the bottom but, I didn’t have enough dough this time so I put a layer of mashed pumpkin at the bottom, then I washed and patted the fish dry and laid it on top of the pumpkin. Then I put white sauce to cover the fish.

Pie dough SHRINKS after you roll it flat, so I rolled the pie dough flat and cut it bigger than the pie plate. I learned this the hard way when I made the fish pie the last time…

After that, I just started cutting the pie using the sketches I drew on parchment paper. I was glad that I picked a simple design. The pie dough would get soft fast as I handled it and it probably would’ve been very hard to put a big piece of shaped pie dough.

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

Pretty simple, right? I could've added olives for the color. (Taken by my point and shoot camera with only kitchen light.)

After everything was in place, I brushed egg yolk on the top of the pie and baked it. The second best part of this dish is the smell that comes out of the oven. It smells SO GOOD.

A little while later, a majestic Laupta fish pie was done!

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

It kind of looks like something they would actually be eating in Laputa, doesn’t it?

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

No Teto (fox squirrel) on his shoulder this time, but maybe next time...

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

You can kind of see the lines on the arms and legs. Maybe I flattened the pie dough a bit too thin.

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

The pie part had very nice layers. Thanks to Derek!

After we took photos, we dug in.


…A bit fishy?

Something was a bit different this time. I did notice that the sardines we got from the farmers’ market looked a LOT bigger than the one I used before. Last time I made the fish pie, I got the sardines from a Japanese supermarket. Were they actually different kinds of sardines? I looked it up. Did you know that there are 6 different kinds of sardines? I didn’t.

Is it possible that one kind of sardine smells a bit stronger than the other kind of sardine? I’m not sure. But the next time I make a fish pie using the sardines from the farmers’ market, I’ll try the “soaking fish in milk” method and see if it removes the odor.

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

Even a bit fishy, I still love you, Laputa robot.

Non-bento #47: Laputa robot fish pie

Laputa robot before taking off to our stomach.

It still tasted great though. I love how the flavors of pumpkin, white sauce and fish burst inside my mouth. I always said that I don’t like baking (because I’m bad at it) but I love playing with pie dough now. I think I’m gonna be experimenting with pie dough some more.

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento and non-bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.

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Priscilla PNo Gravatar November 29, 2012 at 10:12 pm

Looks delicious! I love all your Ghibli themed foods.


BoomboNo Gravatar December 2, 2012 at 3:27 am

It’s been a while that i didn’t come here, looks yummy like always!!!!


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