stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

May 23, 2012

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It all started with a picture the Behemoth tweeted back in March. A photo of the new custom-made shelf to display fan art and plushes.

stuffed stuff: Castle Crashers tweets

I noticed this tweet by Jeff from Penny Arcade

stuffed stuff: Castle Crashers tweets
He was talking about the plush in the photo made by a fan. His whole family is a fan of Castle Crashers, especially his son Ethan. Jeff plays the Orange knight and Ethan plays Blue knight. But we didn’t have official plushes of them to sell at PAX East so I told him that the knight plushes wouldn’t be on sale. I know. I’m such a party pooper…
Then I thought… “Oh right, I can make them!”

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

stuffed stuff: Orange Knight and Blue Knight from Castle Crashers by the Behemoth
Created and stuffed: March 2012

It might come as a surprise to some (since I’m a huge fan of the Behemoth) but I’d never made Castle Crashers Knight plushes before. When I make a fan plush, I look around to see if anyone has made it already. Then if I see a good one, I won’t make it. But this time it was different. I wanted to make plush to make some good people happy.

Fortunately, all the Castle Crashers characters have very similar proportions so I just had to tweak the patterns I used for the Bear Shaman (That’s what I call him. The official name is actually “Bear”) and the Necromancer.

I didn’t have much time but I had basic patterns. So I just had to work on some details like the white part on the face and eyes. The design may looks simple but when making a small plush, the position of all the pieces is crucial so I had to be very careful.

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

Move the eyes 5 mm in any direction, and the face will be completely different.

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

The ear piece was a very last minute thing. I wish I could've made it sturdier.

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

Looks like he can kick some butt, doesn't he?

I was crazy busy before PAX East, so I sewed as much as I could. I left my house for PAX East with all my sewing tools, so I could finish them while I was at the convention.

I knew Jeff had a panel for the upcoming Penny Arcade game, “The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness: Episode 3” on Friday, so on Thursday in our hotel room after I hand-sewed the number tags onto the Ushanka hats, I moved onto sewing the knights’ head onto their bodies.

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers


stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

I needed to make sure his HUGE head wouldn't come off of his tiny body.

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

I put plastic pellets inside the body, but because of their huge heads, they weren't able to sit up on their own as expected.

So without getting any sleep in the super fancy bed, PAX East began.

Our PAX East started with the Keynote by Jordan Mechner, the creator of the Prince of Persia series. After that we attended panel after panel pretty much non-stop.

We had a little time between panels, so we walked around the exhibitors’ floor and stopped by at the Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness booth. I saw Jeff there and told him that we’d be at his panel later.

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

I wanted to sew the cross on but the piece was too small and the fabric (fleece) was too soft, so it had to be glued on.

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

Tiny little feet to support such a huge head

Just like PAX Prime last year I (and by “I” I mean Derek) had to take photos of my plushes at the hotel room because I couldn’t finish them on time. Since we didn’t bring lighting for the photo shoot, we had to improvise and used the natural light by the window. This time, I moved an arm chair by the window and covered the chair with the sheet. (hence the wrinkles.)

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

Blue knight solo

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

Orange knight solo

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

It's definitely fun to play Castle Crashers with someone you love!

The panel didn’t start until 9:00 PM, but after tons of panels and walking around the exhibitors’ floor, it was already time for his panel.

The panel had Jerry & Jeff from Penny Arcade, and Robert Boyd & Bill Stiernberg from Zeboyd Games. We enjoyed the panel immensely and it ended around 10:00 PM.

Even after the panel was over there were still a lot of people gathering around the panelists to talk or ask questions. I snapped this photo before walking up to talk to Jeff, and waited until he was free of his swarming fans.

stuffed stuff: Knights from Castle Crashers

Can you see how excited they are??

I had told him that I’d bring something from the Behemoth booth for him and his son but he still had no idea about the plushes.

First I took out the official Behemoth figures of the blue and orange knight from my bag and gave them to him. He was super excited and thanked me with a big hug and smile.

That’s when I said “Wait! There’s more!” and took out the plushes of the orange knight and blue knight.

I still remember his squeal.

He quickly got emotional and teary, which made me emotional and teary. Happy tears are contagious!

He told me how much Ethan loves Castle Crashers, and how they play the game as a family. Also Jeff said he performs a puppet show for Ethan using his plush toys so he’d be thrilled to add them to the show. I’ve given plushes to many people, but I think Jeff’s reaction was the most emotional one ever.

The funny thing was that we realized that there was a PATV camera crew around Jerry and the game developers shooting when this was going on. After the initial squeal, we paused and glanced at the crew who were still shooting. We were relieved that they didn’t hear it. Because well, Jeff is known for his emotional reactions, and the camera crew would be all over us if they had heard him.

stuffed stuff: Castle Crashers tweets

I think I can call this a success!

A couple of days after PAX East ended, I got teary again with joy when I saw Jeff’s tweet.

stuffed stuff: Castle Crashers tweets

stuffed stuff: Castle Crashers tweets

And look! The little knights made it into Ethan’s puppet show!

stuffed stuff: Castle Crashers tweets

It’s an incredible feeling whenever I spot my knights being played with in the photos he posts. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my plushes are well loved and making people happy.

PAX East 2012 Castle Crashers plush

Happy Jeff with a perfect "Japanese peace sign" at PAX East - dammit, it still makes me emotional to look at you holding the plushes, Jeff!

I think I wrote this before, but if it weren’t for Jeff, I probably wouldn’t have attended my first PAX. I’d worked at a booth at PAX before but “working” and “attending” are very different things. Back in 2010 I had only attended because I wanted to thank him in person at PAX East for how he resolved the problems that happened with the Noby Noby Boy scarf I won from the Penny Arcade contest. I never imagined that it would change my life the way it did.

I read Penny Arcade before attending PAX but until that PAX East I didn’t really know about the real Mike, Jerry and everyone behind Penny Arcade. I was “just a fan of video games.”

If it wasn’t for PAX, I would never have known that there was a place where “just a fan of video games” could gather and support each other and its community. The Enforcers at PAX especially played a big role in changing Derek’s and my opinion of the video gaming community.

If it wasn’t for PAX I probably wouldn’t have played this many video games, tried to discover awesome new games and the awesome people behind the games. Also I wouldn’t have met many of those awesome people to thank them in person.

If it wasn’t for PAX, I would’ve never had the opportunities to keep visiting the Behemoth booth to give them my thank-you gifts, which eventually got me my dream job working for them.

Jeff, I could never thank you enough for this. No amount of plush toys could ever repay you for what you did for us.

So thank you, Jeff.

For more pictures of these plush, visit the stuffed stuff: Blue knight and Orange knight from Castle Crashers set!

You can also check out more stuffed stuff on my flickr.

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pikaNo Gravatar May 24, 2012 at 6:30 pm

On average, how long does it take you to make your plushies a) adapted from a previous design and b) with new design fro scratch?

P.S. Yours are so much cuter than the “official” ones on display! ;>.


JessicaNo Gravatar May 28, 2012 at 4:48 am

Hello :)

I love these guys so much! Are you thinking about doing the breast cancer awareness crasher? I think he is a must!!!



Jesse duckworthNo Gravatar November 29, 2013 at 11:45 am

Hello. Im curious about the cost of these and turn around time. I might be looking to get 1 or 2 of these before Christmas. Let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!


TristanNo Gravatar July 10, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Can u send me the pattern plz? I’m 11 and love to sew.


TristanNo Gravatar July 15, 2014 at 7:27 am

Oh and what kind of fabric do u use is it velvet?


KeaganNo Gravatar October 26, 2014 at 8:32 pm

Hi I was wondering if you could post a patern and measurements so I could print it out and make one myself. Also, like Tristan wrote, I would like to know what type of fabric it is. I’ve been dying to make one



AnnaTheRedNo Gravatar October 28, 2014 at 8:16 pm

The fabric is fleece. I get it at Jo-Ann but you can get it at any fabric stores. Good luck!


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