August 2011

Back from PAX!

August 31, 2011 Blog
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We are back from PAX Prime! This PAX was probably the most memorable PAX ever for many many reasons. Two suitcases full of plushy gifts, sewing and finishing up plushes at the hotel room until 4 am every night, playing my favorite games, meeting the people who made my favorite games, hotdog fairy giveaways, panels, good food, our flight back to NY being canceled, etc… On […]

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Bear with me

August 12, 2011 Blog
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Have Anna and Derek been fighting? Is that why she isn’t making bento anymore?? No, that’s not true! We’re happy as ever and I’m cooking everyday. The main reason I haven’t been making bento is that, it turned out that Derek’s new work place doesn’t have a microwave (Gasp!). He told me that they have a tiny fridge and everyone eats out. Once the weather […]

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stuffed stuff: Shark from BattleBlock Theater

August 8, 2011 stuffed stuff
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Stuffed stuff: Shark from BattleBlock Theater Created and stuffed in August 2011 I hope everyone enjoyed Shark Week on Discovery channel. I’m sure many of you are now suffering PTSWD , Post-Traumatic Shark Week Disorder.

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