stuffed stuff: Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

June 1, 2011

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Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Stuffed stuff: Jibber
Created and stuffed: February 2011

Have you seen the AT&T commercial series from a little while ago with cute colorful CG characters? There are couple of commercials starring them, and each focuses on a different character.

The series of adorable commercials are created by a NY based animation studio, Panda Panther.

AT&T Blown Away from PandaPanther on Vimeo.

I was asked to make the blue guy “Jibber” for someone whose friend worked on the commercial. He wanted it to be about 16″ x 16″, with an open mouth. I was lucky to find the perfect fabric, but it was too thin to be stuffed for the size, so I made a base plush doll that would go inside. (like a pillow and pillow case)

When it comes to making a plush for the first time around, I usually prefer making it bigger. Then if I want to make more of it, I’ll scale it down as I make changes if necessary. It probably works better the other way around, but for me, it’s easy to add details on something bigger than something smaller. But this one is 16″ x 16″ and his body is almost hemispherical and it’s pretty BIG. I had to make sure I wasn’t too far off of the final shape when I was working on it otherwise I’d waste fabric to re-do.

Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Once I was happy with the body shape, I had to figure out how to make his mouth stay open. With an entire bag of poly-stuffing inside, I had to have some kind of structure inside the mouth so the stuffing won’t push the inner mouth out. I keep a variety of “things” in a time like this. I had couple of new mouse pads I got really cheap from IKEA a looong time ago. I originally got them to muffle the sound of the hits on our Rock Band drums, but it didn’t really work that well. First I cut a mouse pad for the shape of his inner mouth. I still had left over foam from the cushion I made for our place so I sewed a strip of foam around the mouse pad. (like making a wall all around the mouse pad) When the mouth structure was done, I made the finish/cover with final fabric, made black fleece to go over the mouth part, and sewed them together.

Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Then I attached a pair of plastic eyes, de-stuffed the base shape, put it inside the final cover, stuffed it again and sewed it close. After the main body was finished, I made arms and legs and sewed them on.
Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

This is definitely the biggest plush I’ve made. I used an entire bag of poly-stuffing! While it was a fun project, it was also had to keep the shape right because fleece would stretch if you stuffed it too hard. But I was very happy with the result, and so was my client

Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

I like this angle the best.

I had a couple of hours before shipping it off, so I made a tiny Jibber with scraps I had and sent it with the big Jibber.

Baby Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Palm-size Jibber

Baby Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial)

Big Jibber and baby Jibber

When I was doing research on the cute fuzzy guys, I found the person who designed the character! It turns out that she’s also a School of Visual Arts graduate. You can see more stuff she worked on HERE.

For more pictures of this plush, visit stuffed stuff: Jibber (the blue guy from AT&T commercial) set!

You can also check out more stuffed stuff on my flickr.

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ZorojrNo Gravatar June 1, 2011 at 4:52 pm

wow. this is so cute and you picked the cutest of the little monsters to make. great job! the plush looks amazing!

I am thinking of learning how to make plush dolls. where do you get poly-stuffing? i live in the NYC area so if you buy it in the city can i get the name of the place? so far i have looked into the michaels craft stores. but they only have the pellets and the pillow stuffing not the doll stuffing. :(


AnnaTheRedNo Gravatar June 1, 2011 at 5:42 pm

I’ve never been to the Michaels but I’d think a big store like Michaels would have poly-stuffing. How strange… (but I know where to get my pellets then. Thanks!! :D ) I get mine at Daytona Trimmings (251 West 39th Street, between 7th and 8th ave). I think it’s around $6 for a 20 oz. bag. They keep it under the desk at the cashier, so you just ask them for it at the cashier.

Also Elegant Fabrics on 40th has an amazing selection of fabric. They might not be the cheapest around there but all the fabrics are well organized and while many other fabric stores in Fashion District only sell fabric to make “high-end clothes,” they sell reasonably priced fabric suited for plush dolls, costumes, etc. Good luck  


ZorojrNo Gravatar June 3, 2011 at 12:34 am

wow thanks. :D I am definitely going to be visiting those places. :) thanks for the tip about the poly-fil under the cashier. I would have never guessed if I went there for the first time. :)
If you go to Michaels, go on a sun. they have a 50% off coupon online you can use to save on the pellets, they are $9 normally but with coupon, you can save. :)


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