April 2011

stuffed stuff: Glove dolls

April 29, 2011 stuffed stuff
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Stuffed stuff: Glove dolls Created and stuffed in April 2011 When I was younger, my mom was into Teddy Bears. But cute looking Teddy Bears like the ones by Steiff, could be very expensive. So she got me a book on how to make Teddy Bears so I could make them for her. (I inherited my grandma’s crafty skills, but my mom didn’t. ) That’s […]

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My fan page on Facebook!

April 28, 2011 Blog
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Guess what? I have a Facebook fan page! AnnaTheRed’s bento & plush factory fan page Well, to put it more precisely, Derek made me a fan page because he’s such an awesome fiancé and my biggest fan. On the page, I’ll announce when I have a new food / plush / random blog posts up so you don’t have to keep checking my blog manually […]

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Non-bento #34: Swarm

April 24, 2011 bento
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Swarm is an XBLA game Derek and I played at PAX East. To quickly sum up Swarm it’s like a platformer combined with Pikmin and Lemmings. You control a group of (up to 50) tiny blue creatures called Swarmites, and you have to get them from point A to point B. What makes it hard is that you have to reach a target score in order […]

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How to make Rilakkuma inari-zushi

April 18, 2011 bento
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After I made Totoro inari-zushi, I had more inari-zushi skins left, so I decided to make some very very easy character inari-zushi the day after. Character inari-zushi #2: Rilakkuma inari-zushi I must admit, I’m not that big fan of Rilakkuma. I know of it and I find it cute, but I neither own any Rilakkuma products nor am I obsessed with it. I’ve been making […]

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How to make Totoro inari-zushi

April 11, 2011 bento
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A couple of weeks after it officially became Spring, it’s finally starting to get warm! Cherry blossoms will start blooming soon at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. So I’ll do a how-to on great picnic food for Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing). Character inari-zushi #1: Totoro inari-zushi Inari is fried bean curd cooked in soy sauce, sugar, mirin and water. The skin is juicy and sweet and the […]

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