PAX East 2011 Day 2

March 28, 2011

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The weather was definitely nicer on Day 2. We could clearly see the long line forming in front of the BCEC in the morning.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Before we headed out, I took a photo of the free shwag from the day before.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Free stuff! Aperture Science shirts from Portal 2, Bastion bandannas, dog in a wheelchair shirt from Irrational Games

And here’s a photo with stuff I bought.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Figures and shirt from the Behemoth and Chibiterasu pillow!

Penny Arcade Make-a-Strip Panel, 10:30am – 11:30am
We love going to the Make-a-Strip panel. Jerry and Mike are generally funny especially when it comes to answering random questions from fans but also you get to watch Mike draws a comic strip right in front of your eyes.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

My Little Pony was requested by an audience member.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

And an hour later, the comic was done!

Derek made a video from the photos I took from this panel, just like the last time. (The video is safe for work!)

After that, we walked around the Exhibit hall again.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

This was by far the best cosplay of Zero Suit Samus I've seen in person! (She was very nice too!)

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Alienware had a cage.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Dragon Nest was giving away ridiculously huge totes. We laughed at it but we found out it had a pocket for posters which was quite useful. :P

Around 1:00, we went to the Irrational Games (the studio which created Bioshock) booth trying to get some free t-shirts. I got a black t-shirt the day before but I really wanted the white one, so we went there again. Most of the booths that were giving away shirts for free had some kind of system, like you had to get in the line to play the demo, but not for Irrational Games. There were 50 or more people gathered around their booth, and a couple of staff members would yell the size of the shirt and throw it. It was chaos. I got another black shirt and not the white one. Oh well. It was free after all, besides, the design on the shirt “a happy puppy in a wheelchair” is just so adorable.

When I was talking to Derek after the t-shirts give-away, a cute girl came up and said “Are you Anna The Red?” O_O
She said she reads my blog. I was completely flattered. But at the same time, I couldn’t help myself feeling a bit embarrassed since she probably saw me jumping up and down for a free t-shirt. But anyway, she totally made my day.

Pitch Your Game Idea, 2:00pm – 3:00pm
We really liked Pick Your Game Idea panel at PAX East last year so we decided to check it out this year as well, and glad that we did. This time, the panel was hosted by Jeff Kalles, Kris Straub, and Porkfry. This panel is NOT meant for the people who really want to have their game made but just for fun, but many people actually did have funny ideas and it was a lot more entertaining than the last year’s panel.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Kris Straub, Jeff Kalles, and Porkfry

The winner was “00Intern” (double 0 intern) where you are an intern who works at the same organization as the main character of a game. Your job is to unlock the doors, scatter ammunition, weapons, food, make sure the key is in the ignition on the getaway car, etc… so that the main character of a game can beat a stage. We thought this was a brilliant idea for a game. It was totally something that we always make comments about when we play Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, BioShock or any games that requires you to load your weapons with the found ammo along the way.

Ken Levine, Shawn Robertson, Nate Wells signing, 5:00
We knew that the creators of BioShock would be doing a signing at the Irrational Games booth at 5:00, but looking at how crazy it got at their t-shirt giveaway, we decided to get in the line at 4:00.(Actually the first person in the line was already in the line at 3:30.)

PAX East 2011 Day 2

There he is!

Since last PAX East we’ve been having the photos of my bento signed by the original creators. Here are some bento photos I got signed.

Penny Arcade bento signed

The Penny Arcade robot bento photo (yes, I know what it's really called) signed by Jerry and Mike at a book signing. (March 2011)

MGS bento signed

Metal Gear Solid bento photo signed by Hideo Kojima (the creator of the Metal Gear series) at Uniqlo in New York. (June 2011)

PAX Prime 2010

Portal bento photo signed by Jonathan Coulton, the musician who created the "Still Alive" song for Portal. (September 2011)

the Behemoth themed photos autographed by Dan Paladin

Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater bento photos signed by Dan Paladin, the lead artist at the Behemoth. (September 2011)

So I brought two photos of Bioshock bento, one for them and one for them to sign for me.

Bento #21: Bioshock Big Daddy & Little sister!

This one, in case if you've never seen it.

Once the signing started, we were surprised that they were giving everyone in the line an exclusive poster (which was actually very nice) from BioShock Infinite for the creators to sign! There were two posters to choose from but since there were two of us, we got one each and approached the signing table.

I gave them a photo of BioShock bento with the poster. As soon as Ken Levine saw it, he said “Ooh! I’ve seen this online!” or something like that but in a very dignified manner, of course. They asked me if I made it, etc… but I was so nervous all I could do was just smile. I gave him a copy of the photo, then he asked me sign the photo for him. This was the first time someone asked me to sign a photo of my own bento. I was nervous, happy and flattered that I almost messed up my signature.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

They were all very friendly.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

I wish I could remember what he asked me.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Me signing the photo of BioShock bento

One of my dreams came true that day. Meeting Ken Levine, Shawn Robertson, and Nate Wells and having them sign a photo of my BioShock bento which I created based on their creation. Now I have to make a bento with “Him” and the floating city of Columbia out of food.

BioShock bento signed

BioShock bento signed by Ken Levine, Shawn Robertson, and Nate Wells.

After the signing, we went back to the Exhibit hall and walked around again, decided to check out the 3DS at the Sprint booth. What many people didn’t know was that Nintendo booth wasn’t the only one that had the 3DS at PAX East. There was a looooooong line for the 3DS at Nintendo booth, but we knew that there was almost no line for 3DS at Sprint booth.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Looooong line for 3DS at Nintendo booth

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Derek playing 3DS, I think he waited for about 5 minutes, maybe?

Nintendo did have a playable Zelda game for 3DS but the Sprint booth had Street Fighter and Resident Evil for 3DS for as far as we know and that was good enough for us. We still don’t know why Sprint had the 3DS though. For those who are wondering what kind of “3D” effect the 3DS really has, here’s a video of Derek playing Resident Evil. You can see the image focuses (3D) about 10 seconds into the video.

You can’t see any 3D unless it’s in real life, but nothing really “pops out” from 3DS like the commercial made us believe but it adds more “depth.” But just like other 3D moving images, it can be way too blurry and annoying to some people. I have a slight astigmatism, so some 3D moving images can strain my eyes quite heavily. We really weren’t thinking of getting a 3DS anytime soon but it was a bit disappointing.


False advertisement!

We stayed at the Exhibit hall until it closed and took more photos.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Two very interesting games, FEZ (2D/3D platform game) and WARP (you're the yellow alien thing and you can warp into stuff like Nightcrawler.)

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Mass Effect cosplay guys

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Him and Elizabeth

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Bid Daddy: "Oh hai"

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Blurry but I like the look on Elizabeth's face

We went back to our room and had a quick dinner before heading out for the last panel for the day.

PAX East 2011 Day 2


PAX East 2011 Day 2

PAX East exclusive t-shirt we bought at the Behemoth.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

The shirt was shrink wrapped like bacon. Derek thought it was hilarious.

PAX East 2011 Day 2

On the way to the panel, we stopped by at old school games room

After Hours with Kris and Scott (Scott and Kris), 9:30pm – 10:30pm
It was a big decision to pick this panel over Saturday night concerts. We really wanted to see VGO (Video Game Orchestra), Paul and Storm, and Jonathan Coulton but we missed After Hours with Kris and Scott last year at PAX East, and it was all everyone talked about after the convention. They are known to get drunk on  the panel and get silly, and they did not disappoint us. The panel started about an half hour late, and we noticed that Jerry from Penny Arcade was sitting a couple of rows from us so we knew something was up. After Kris and Scott showed up and sat down, Jerry stood up and started singing. And Kris grabbed a microphone and two started rapping.

I’m sure you can find a video of this panel somewhere, but a lot of alcohol was consumed. Scott’s bathroom story, drunk calling Kris’ brother, Robert Khoo story, Scott’s brother’s story, etc… They had the developers of the game Bastion up on the panel, talked about their game and rapped, but in the end, they also all had alcoholic whipped cream shots. I did not know about alcoholic whipped cream until that day. Apparently there are many flavors as well. I really want to try strawberry flavor now. Just so you know, alcoholic whipped cream contains 15%~18.25% alcohol volume, so please be responsible when you eat it!

PAX East 2011 Day 2

Scott's brother drunk and sleeping on the couch during the panel

Everything was hilarious except for the constant interruptions from super drunk friends of Kris and Scott . They were sitting in the front section with other audience, They were drunk out of their minds and it was kind of funny in the beginning, but it got annoying when they started interrupting while Kris and Scott talked. Kris and Scott are very good at getting drunk and still being really funny in front of hundreds of people, but their friends became nothing but a distraction. (Especially since they were sitting in the front, the people in the back couldn’t understand what they were saying.)

The panel ended around 1:30 AM but only after Kris and Scott told us to leave repeatedly.

We walked back our room, and Derek passed out as soon as he hit the bed. I packed my stuff before I went to bed. I could not believe the next day was already the last day of PAX…

For more pictures of PAX East 2011, visit PAX East 2011 set!

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MeggNo Gravatar March 30, 2011 at 6:07 am

After these posts and playing Castle Crashers I’ve decided I absolutely have to go to PAX Prime in Seattle. It just seems so much fun. I hope to maybe see you there!


AnnaTheRedNo Gravatar April 6, 2011 at 9:34 am

Awesome! I absolutely recommend any gamers (casual to hardcore) to go to PAX!
The great thing about PAX is that, like I mentioned, you actually get to meet a lot of indie game developers, and not just reps hired by big companies. Also don’t feel shy attending panels that sound like they’re only for gamers who are interested in working in the gaming industry. Even if you’re a casual gamer, like me, you can learn a lot of stuff and most panels are very entertaining.

It is cool to see a huge display or a booth for your favorite game, but learning about games and the industry from panels will definitely make you change the way you see games. Make sure you read the schedule for PAX thoroughly when they announce it on the PAX site.

Oh yeah, and if you’re a fan of the games the Behemoth creates, don’t be shy and tell Mr. Dan Paladin and Mr. Tom Fulp how much you love their game. They also sign almost anything during signing time. (usually around theafternoon) They truly are, including all the staff at the Behemoth, super awesome.  :)


veganfNo Gravatar March 30, 2011 at 11:24 am

Looks like fun! Sad I had to miss it. My husband only worked his PAX East booth 1 day and he’s always so bad about taking pics. It was fun to see yours!


AnnaTheRedNo Gravatar April 6, 2011 at 9:36 am

Ooh your husband worked at a booth at PAX East? I used to work at a booth so I know how busy it gets. You barely have the time to eat or go to the bathroom. Attending PAX is definitely more fun than working at PAX!


IchigoBLEACHcakeNo Gravatar April 6, 2011 at 12:49 am

Oh, hey! I was the Samus cosplayer! Thank you so much for your sweet compliment =) It’s very much appreciated


AnnaTheRedNo Gravatar April 6, 2011 at 10:16 am

Thank you for leaving a comment! Your costume was really awesome and you were very professional! I understand cosplayers get tired of striking a pose every time someone stops them to take a photo… but you were such a good sport! I wish I could’ve taken more photos of you. (without the people with the silly orange cone hats in the background!)
Keep up the great work!


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