bento #75: Totoro temari zushi

March 25, 2010

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Wow it’s been more than a week since I blogged?!

I didn’t mean to turn this into a weekly blog, but things been even more chaotic around me recently. I have so many things I want to write about, but since I haven’t written any bento/food related blog posts recently, I’m going to post this one.

Bento #75: Totoro temari sushi bento

Bento(?) #75: Totoro temari-zushi bento
Created and eaten on: 03/03/2010

This wasn’t a full-bento, but I just added some extra stuff to make it a semi-kyaraben.

I made this when I was doing “How to prepare shrimp for sushi.” I actually did the photo shoot for the how-to on three separate nights, so I ended up having a lot of shrimp.

I had some raw shrimp, so I made fried shrimp balls. This is very easy to make, and because each piece is small and easy to handle, it’s perfect for bento. Sure it’s fried, but you since it’s shrimp, you don’t have to leave it in oil for too long. I’m going to do a how-to on this soon. Maybe I’ll even experiment with a non-fried version too.

Anyway, I decided to use the rest of the cooked shrimp to make temari-zushi.  Temari-zushi is a small ball-like sushi. (“temari” means “hand-ball”) This is great for those who are not so sure about how to shape sushi rice. You basically put shrimp or sashimi, or egg on plastic wrap, put a small amount of sushi rice on top, and wrap it really tight to make it into a ball. Temari-zushi is very popular among kids because you can easily hold it in your hand, and since you wrap rice and other food very tightly, the food on top won’t fall off easily.

I made sushi temari zushi with left over cooked shrimp (both flattened and the regular curled up one).

Totoro temari sushi bento left angle

So many balls!

And I made temari zushi with scrambled egg.

Totoro temari sushi bento

A little carrot flower can turn an ordinary scrambled egg rice ball into a ball of cuteness!

I made two chibi-Totoro with quail eggs. (see “how to make chibi-Totoro”)

Totoro temari sushi bento

Quail eggs are great bento filler.

I made a very round Totoro with rice mixed with ground black sesame seeds, and seaweed.

Totoro temari sushi bento

I like Totoro without a mouth. (Because it's less work.)

I realized that there were no veggies in this bento, so I stuck broccoli to make Makkurokurosuke, and I made grass with snowpeas and used them as divider between food. And to add some color I sprinkled pre-made carrot flowers.

Totoro temari sushi bento

See how much work I put into this bento? Almost none.

Definitely not the most nutritious bento. It’s pretty much only shrimp or rice. :P I really didn’t have time or other food other than left over shrimp, but it’s still cute, isn’t it? I still wanted to do something with the shrimp temari-zushi though. They look lonely… If I had scallions, I would’ve put a little bit of it on top of shrimp.

Totoro temari sushi bento

He looks surprised that this bento is so easy!

- rice mixed with ground sesame seed, kamaboko, seaweed.

- quail egg, cheese, black sesame seed

- broccoli, kamaboko, seaweed

Other food:
- scrambled egg
- carrot flower
- snowpeas

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.

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babykinsNo Gravatar March 26, 2010 at 2:21 am

はじめまして! flickr をうろちょろしていたら運よくこちらにたどり着きました。


Lil'chanNo Gravatar March 26, 2010 at 7:36 am

Aw, this is great!
I love your temari sushi. Looks beautiful. And your totoro characters are really cute!


tsuyoikumaNo Gravatar March 26, 2010 at 12:49 pm

You say it’s not nutritious, but wow, I think this is the most protein I’ve ever seen included in your bentos (I’m not a fan of starches). Kudos! Love the blog BTW.


AsforaNo Gravatar March 26, 2010 at 5:52 pm

Your Totoro is so adorable – looks in need of a hug! And the broccoli creatures are fab! Love their eyes!


Jen @ Tiny Urban KitchenNo Gravatar April 1, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Super cute, as always! I like the broccoli Makkurokurosuke -what a great idea. I want to hug the Totoro too!


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