March 2010

PAX East begins!

March 26, 2010 PAX
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Guess where I am? I’m in Boston, attending PAX EAST! (Penny Arcade Expo East) PAX is always held in Seattle, but since the convention has been growing bigger and bigger every year, they decided this year to have another PAX on the East coast. Boston is also my boyfriend’s hometown. Boston isn’t that far away from New York, so my friends (as seen in my […]

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bento #75: Totoro temari zushi

March 25, 2010 bento
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Wow it’s been more than a week since I blogged?! I didn’t mean to turn this into a weekly blog, but things been even more chaotic around me recently. I have so many things I want to write about, but since I haven’t written any bento/food related blog posts recently, I’m going to post this one. Bento(?) #75: Totoro temari-zushi bento Created and eaten on: […]

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i can has an awesome t-shirt?

March 15, 2010 Blog
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I was going to post another wonderful thing, but this one is a brand new wonderful thing, so I’m going to post this now. My friend Chris Kimball, a.k.a GreatBigHugeTallChris (He’s 6’11! He definitely deserves his nickname), who does freelance design work for Lolcats, the people who created other sites like “i can has cheezeburger” and “fail blog.” A couple of weeks ago, he asked […]

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how to prepare shrimp for sushi

March 6, 2010 basics
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As I wrote in a previous post, I made sushi on Valentine’s day. I usually just use salmon and tuna for sushi, but since we were watching District 9, we decided to have shrimp (because they looks like “prawns” ) as well. Shrimp is probably easier to get than a good block of  salmon and tuna sashimi, and it is also very easy to prepare […]

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how to make sushi rice

March 6, 2010 basics
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When I posted about our “sushi night” on my blog before, I mentioned about “Sushi-noko” which was like powdered vinegar to make sushi rice. This time I decided to make sushi rice from scratch with ingredients you can easily get at a regular supermarket. Actually, it’s really not hard to make sushi rice, but the recipe requires you to work really fast. I don’t usually […]

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