February 2010

Bento #74: Oruchuban Ebichu

February 23, 2010 anime
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I actually wanted to make this bento on Valentine’s day, but Valentine’s day being on Sunday, and we because had to go to IKEA, I couldn’t make bento on the 14th. It didn’t feel like it was appropriate to make this one after Valentine’s day, but oh what the heck. No man would mind a bento filled with heart shapes, right? Bento #74: Oruchuban Ebichu […]

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Valentine’s day, prawns, and high-tech toilet

February 20, 2010 Blog
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I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day and President day! I realized I hadn’t blogged this week! O_O It feels like time flies even faster when you have a long weekend and a full-time job. My boyfriend and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day. But it was Sunday so we decided to go to IKEA (romantic, isn’t it?). We failed to get the furniture […]

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Bento #73: BattleBlock Theater

February 12, 2010 bento
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If you’ve seen this bento, this bento or this bento, you may already know that my boyfriend and I are huge fans of the Behemoth. I was so excited when I saw the teaser trailer for “Game #3″ (working title) last year.  They’ve been working on this new game for a while. I even made something like this and this for the birthday of Dan […]

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non-bento #22: Laputa robot fossil toast

February 9, 2010 bento
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Just like any other kyaraben/bento makers, I have some Japanese kyaraben sites bookmarked. I don’t check those sites too often, but I saw a great idea on this one site the other day and I had to try it for myself. Non-bento #22: Laputa robot fossil toast Created and eaten on: 1/24/2010

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setsubun & eho-maki

February 7, 2010 Blog
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Not a bento blog, but I wanted to do this quick post before I do another bento blog since it’s kind of a seasonal thing. (I should’ve done this a couple of days ago, but I’ve been busy playing a video game lately… ) Last week I made Setsubun Totoro bento for Setsubun to scare off evil spirits. On the night of February 3rd, we […]

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