Bento #71: Monkey Magic from Ouendan

January 29, 2010

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My boyfriend owns many DS games, and usually once he plays, he moves onto a new game. But there’s one game he still plays once in a while, and that’s “Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!” (They made an American version called “Elite Beat Agents” in the U.S.)

Bento #71: Monkey Magic (from Ouendan)

Bento #71: Monkey Magic from Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!
Created and eaten on: 1/25/2010

Ouendan means “cheerleaders” (usually male) and the game is a rhythm game. Each stage has a plot, and you have to “cheer up” the main character of the story by tapping the numbered spots that shows up on the screen to the beat of the music.

One of his favorite stages is the story about a plush Monkey. The monkey and his friend (a toy soldier) get accidentally thrown away by the mother of the main female character, and are on the way to a dump-site. The monkey and the toy soldier must return to their owner, so they call for Ouendan.

The monkey and the toy soldier jump off the truck, get on a train, run through the city while trying to avoid getting stomped by people. When you hit the right spots at the right time, the monkey and the toy soldier will succeed and move onto to the next obstacle. The facial expressions of the monkey and the toy soldier are over-dramatic and really funny. The song is called Monkey Magic and it’s very catchy. My boyfriend particularly likes this stage because it’s a very cute story and he looooves plushes.

Monkey Magic (from Ouendan) detail low angle

After putting lettuce and sauteed renkon in the bento box, I mixed rice with ketchup and molded it into the shape of a monkey head, body and arms. Then I used plain rice for the face and the mouth part.

Monkey Magic (from Ouendan) detail

For his mouth, I peeled the outer side of a fake crab meat stick and trimmed it. For his teeth and eyes I sliced kamaboko (fish cake) .

Monkey Magic (from Ouendan) detail

For the toy soldier, I put a stick of fake crab meat for his body and a tiny rice ball for his head. I also put a piece of fake crab meat for his hat, and used small pieces for his arm. I sliced kamaboko for his mouth too. I was also going to use kamaboko for his eyes, but I could barely see the white kamaoboko on plain rice,,, so I decided to use cheese instead.

Monkey Magic (from Ouendan) detail

In the game, you have to hit the rhythm circle with a stylus, so for the rest of bento, I just used a lot of foods that are circles. I cooked okra and put inside chikuwa. Chikuwa is a kind of fish cake, but it’s been put around a stick and grilled, so it looks like a tube.

Monkey Magic (from Ouendan) detail

Then I cooked asparagus wrapped with bacon and cut it in half. But the asparagus was too small and it didn’t look too good… so I decided to cut out cheese in star shape and put it on top of some of them. I also had fake sausage (fish cake), so I cut it like flower and put it in.

Monkey Magic (from Ouendan) detail

I put boiled broccoli to fill some empty spaces, sprinkled some sesame seeds on it to add some color, and put some snow peas cut like grass. Originally, I wanted to put fire at the bottom of bento box like the game, but there wasn’t enough space because I made the monkey way too big. So I cut grape tomato open, and put them on the both sides on the lower corners.

Monkey Magic (from Ouendan) detail

I cut seaweed for the nose for the monkey, and mustache for the toy soldier to finish it off.

I wish I could’ve done some more to this one. I feel like it could’ve used some egg or something.

Of course, no one got what these characters in this obscure bento are from, though. :P

Little note on the song Monkey Magic…
The song Monkey Magic in the Ouendan game is a cover of the song from the TV show called “Saiyuki” in Japan. (No, not the anime one. An old live action TV series.) Recently, I found out that DVDs of Saiyuki were released in UK. (It’s dubbed and the title was changed to “Monkey!”) I loved the show as a kid, so I ordered the boxset, and we’ve been watching it whenever we can. The show is silly, but since it was made in 1978, they used really crafty technique on effects. The main character Monkey has a pole that extends and shrinks. And when it extends, they actually painted the pole on the film, and animated it. It’s pretty fun and interesting to watch.

- rice mixed with ketchup & plain rice
- kamaboko
- fake crab meat
- seaweed

Toy Soldier:
- rice
- kamaboko
- fake crab meat
- seaweed

Other food:
- renkon
- lettuce
- broccoli and sesame seed
- chikuwa with okra
- fake sausage
- asparagus wrapped with bacon
- cheese
- snow peas
- grape tomato

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.

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