Bento #70: Babar

January 27, 2010

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I usually sleep in on Saturday morning. When I get up, I watch “qubo.” Qubo is programming for kids. We don’t have cable TV, so there’s not much choice, but I do like a couple of shows that are on qubo on Saturday morning. This one is a favorite of ours.

Bento #70: Babar

Bento #70: Babar
Created and eaten on: 1/23/2010

I don’t think I have to explain Babar. Babar is a cartoon show based on a French children picture book “Babar” by Jean de Brunhoff and Laurent de Brunhoff. The animated TV series of Babar has been running since 1989. I love how the backgrounds are painted with watercolors, and how it’s traditionally animated. I turned the channel to qubo to watch Babar on Saturday morning the other day, and was shocked. It was a DIGITALLY painted version of Babar! When did this happen?? It’s not like I’ve been watching every episode of Babar, but my boyfriend and I didn’t know about the existence of a digitally animated version of Babar. The color was too bright, backgrounds looked crappy, and their eyes were… strange. Their eyes are basically just dots, but the digitally painted one looked like they were spacing out. This saddened us…

After watching Babar, my boyfriend left for his kung-fu class. He usually comes home around 4:00, and eats a late lunch, so I decided to make a simple Babar bento.

First I put sauteed renkon on the bento box as usual. I mixed rice with black sesame seed, and using plastic wrap I molded it into the shape of King Babar and Queen Celeste.
I made King Babar’s green suit by wrapping mashed potato I made the day before with cooked lettuce. I’ve used cooked lettuce on mashed potato before in my Katamari bento, Link bento and Tingle bento and the texture on lettuce looks just like green fabric on a person’s body. I made the shoulder in the same way to make it look more 3D. To create his red bow tie I cut it out of red pepper.

Babar detail

For Queen Celeste’s dress, I cut red pepper, wrapped it around mashed potato, and for the collar of the dress I cut cheese.

Babar detail

I cut a carrot into strips, wrapped it with string beans, and wrapped the whole thing with thinly sliced pork I got at a Japanese supermarket. When you cut it, it looks like flower, doesn’t it?

Babar detail

I had a bit of carrot left, so I made flowers with carrot and put them in the bento. (see “how to make vegetable flowers”) I didn’t want to make this bento too elaborate, so I just filled empty spaces with boiled broccoli, and snow peas.

Babar detail

I cut the white part of kamaboko to make their tusks, and cut out heart shapes from pink part of kamaboko with a cutter.

Babar detail

Finally, I cut out seaweed with a hole punch for their eyes, and cut cheese for their majestic crowns!

Babar detail

If your kids eat rice, Babar would be perfect for a simple kyaraben. Basically, all you need is rice, black sesame seeds, seaweed (or anything that’s slightly darker than other food) and cheese! I don’t think you even need their body for kids to recognize their beloved Babar.

Babar detail right angle

When I was writing this post, I was doing a little research on Babar online, and found out that Babar is going to be animated in CG, and it’ll premiere this fall or spring of 2011… Babar in CG!? (Apparently the news is pretty old, and the article was published in March 2009.)
“The animated series will introduce King Babar as a grandfather.” Huh? CG Babar looks… strange. They have the white part in their eyes. Oh, and they’re going to have “Chiku the monkey (granddaughter of King Babar’s old friend Zephir).” =/

This whole “the new series will take place after the main character and side characters grew up, got married and had kids” reminded me of Dragon Ball Z. (I’m not a fan of Dragon Ball Z, but I love the original Dragon Ball. It’s so much different from Dragon Ball Z. The original Dragon Ball is about adventures, not about aliens with spiky hair with power levels “over 9000.”)

I think we’ll stick to the traditional Babar.

Not for my boyfriend, but I also like “Willa’s Wildlife” and “Jane and the Dragon” on qubo. I like Willa’s Wildlife because of its art style and it’s got so many animals. I usually prefer 2D cartoons but I’ll make an exception for “Jane and the Dragon.” To be honest, the first time I watched the show, it looked a bit creepy to me. But I love fantasy stories, so it didn’t take that long for me to be a fan of this show. I’m not so crazy about “this episode’s lesson” at the end of each episode though. I feel that grown-ups sometime underestimate how smart kids are. ;D

King Babar:
- rice, black sesame seed, kamaboko, cheese, seaweed
- mashed potato, lettuce, red pepper

Queen Celeste:
- rice, black sesame seed, kamaboko, cheese, seaweed
- mashed potato, red pepper

Other food:
- string beans, carrot wrapped with thinly sliced pork
- carrot
- renkon
- lettuce
- broccoli with sesame seed
- snow peas

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.

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A Good FedoraNo Gravatar January 28, 2010 at 8:02 am

Noooo! CGI Barbar is wrong! But your bento, that’s a tribute!

Haha, I thought I was the only one to watch “Jane and the Dragon” when bored, but I also thought they did okay with the graphics on that one.. Heh. ^^;


nicoleNo Gravatar January 28, 2010 at 10:32 am

what the hellz? CG Babar is blasphemous!

This is so cute, it brings me back to when I was a kid! I wonder how this would taste though? I don’t ever recall mixing mashed potatoes with rice. His green suit is all sortsa awesome though. The elephants are pretty big, I think they’d do well w/ filling inside!

Also, I see you use the same bento all the time. What type is it?


BunnyBlueNo Gravatar January 28, 2010 at 6:25 pm

So Sweet!
I have to say this bring me back , I loved the book The Story of Babar when I was little.

how big is your bento box? I’ve always wondered. As always thanks so much for sharing!


5oclockteaspoonNo Gravatar February 5, 2010 at 11:44 am

How sad that they have changed the Babar image in the new digital rendering…Your image certainly does justice to the original! Hope you do more Babar bento in future- it’s a great theme :)


LeirinNo Gravatar May 1, 2010 at 12:24 pm

Ooh, qubo… always loved Pecola!

This is so cute! But CGI Babar is wrong…


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