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January 25, 2010

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As I posted before, I won Penny Arcade’s Katamari Forever contest. After I gave my address to Jeff at Penny Arcade, I couldn’t wait to see the awesome Noby Noby Boy scarf.

I received my package on December 28th. I can’t explain how excited I was. I hurriedly opened the box and I carefully opened the bubble wrapped scarf. The first I thought “Oh my god it looks even more awesome than I could ever imagine!!” I looked for the head… but I couldn’t find one.

Noby Noby Boy scarf (tail end)

Aw how cute his... butt looks... (It does look cute, though. ) *I didn't make this scarf! Scroll down for my Noby Noby Boy plush.*

That’s right, they sent me the tail end of the scarf by mistake. I was just… very sad, thinking “I knew it! I thought it was too good to be true. Maybe I didn’t deserve it…” in my head and I had pretty much given up.

Noby Noby Boy scarf (tail end)

Katamari prince: "Did you see the head?" (Those little plush dolls were sewn onto the scarf by the way) *I didn't make this scarf! Scroll down for my Noby Noby Boy plush.*

I sent an email to Jeff at Penny Arcade. He wrote me back right away, explaining that he had given the addresses to Bandai Namco, and they were the ones who shipped the stuff. He was very understanding, apologetic, and sympathized with my situation. He contacted Bandai Namco (and probably the person who won the second prize) and made an arrangement. Bandai Namco would send me and the other person a pre-paid FeDEX label, so I could ship the scarf back and get the head end of the scarf.

Noby Noby Boy scarf (tail end)

The scarf was knitted beautifully. It was hard to say "good-bye." *I didn't make this scarf! Scroll down for my Noby Noby Boy plush.*

I was pleasantly surprised that the other person had agreed to do this. The honesty of this Katamari fan made me really happy. (Well, I haven’t received the head end but… I’m optimistic!) When I got a pre-paid label, I realized that it was going to be directly shipped to the second prize winner. So I decided to make a little thank you gift for her.

Noby Noby Boy plush

Noby Noby Boy saying "Thank you!" to the second prize winner.

Stuffed stuff: Noby Noby Boy
Created and stuffed on: January 2010

That’s right. I made a Noby Noby Boy plush! I wanted to ship it out as soon as possible so I couldn’t spend too much time on this. The strips of felt were glued together, and sewn on one side to make a tube. I made his head, butt, hands and legs and then sewed them onto the body.

Noby Noby Boy plush

It ended up a lot longer than I originally planned... but that's Noby Noby Boy. =D

Noby Noby Boy plush

Fuzzy soft pink butt.

Noby Noby Boy plush

I didn't copy the color pattern. I actually spent a couple of hours planning the order of the colors.

Noby Noby Boy plush

"Look at me stretch!"

Noby Noby Boy plush

"I'll stretch enough to connect the entire solar system in 820 years!"

I put him in the package along with the tail end of Noby Noby Boy scarf and dropped it off. (I asked my boyfriend to snap some pictures of the scarf before I packed it up.)

The little mishap aside, the rest of the prizes are absolutely stunning. I got a Katamari Forever game for PS3, OST of Katamari Damacy, Katamari Damacy themed Japanese hand towel, and signed and framed Katamari Damacy print.

Katamari Forever print

It's Kamataristical!!

I didn’t think that the art piece would come framed so I was surprised when I opened it. It was so gorgeous that I was absolutely speechless! The part around the art was covered with a fabric and goes very well with Japanese style Katamari art. I’ve never owned such a beautiful piece of art like this before. This so is going to be my family treasure.

I hope I’ll get my scarf soon. I’ll post when I get it. If you don’t see an update on this… well, I guess I’m just out of Noby Noby Boy scarf. ^^; If that happens I guess I’ll make it by myself! I can’t knit, so I’ll use fleece or something.

I’d like to thank Jeff at Penny Arcade for replying me back almost immediately every time I emailed him. Jeff, if you happen to read this, you are really awesome!!

For more pictures of this plush, visit stuffed stuff: Noby Noby Boy Plushset!

You can also check out more stuffed stuff set set on my flickr.

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AmyNo Gravatar January 26, 2010 at 12:52 pm

your noby noby boy plush is adorable! you’re so sweet to mail a little gift to #2! i hope the right end of the scarf gets to you soon!


Angel K. MurakamiNo Gravatar January 27, 2010 at 11:25 am

I hope you get the head of the scarf, and your Noby Noby boy is so cute! I love the Katamari art piece, too. Very pretty!


Kayla (other winner)No Gravatar March 2, 2010 at 7:07 am

emailed you about the other half, sorry about the mishap


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