December 2009

Happy Holidays!

December 26, 2009 Blog
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Sorry about the lack of blogging lately. My boyfriend and I are on a pretty long holiday vacation (we’re off until the beginning of the next year!), so I don’t have to make bento. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop making them! As soon as we finish watching DVDs & blu-rays and playing games we got for Christmas (maybe get some inspiration from […]

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non-bento #20 & How to make Slime Marshmallows

December 20, 2009 Baking
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My company does a potluck for its Christmas party. It’s fun that you get to taste the dishes cooked by people you know. This year, one of my friends/graphic designer at the company decided to make a recipe book of everyone’s potluck food. I thought of making Totoro cream puffs, Domo-kun chocolate covered marshmallows, but I wanted to make new kyara-sweets. (Kyara-sweets mean “Character themed […]

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Momofuku’s Bossam

December 16, 2009 basics
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Christmas is coming! So I decided to do a post about what I did for Thanksgiving before it’s way too late. Since I couldn’t get in touch with my cat sitter this Thanksgiving I stayed at home while my boyfriend was back home in Boston. One night I couldn’t sleep so I was watching non-stop NY at around 4 in the morning. (I don’t have cable) […]

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katamari forever contest

December 11, 2009 Blog
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Wow, I won! Read the second article on the page at Penny Arcade. (*The site contains mature language!)

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Bento #68: MGS4

December 6, 2009 bento
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I can’t believe it’s already December! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I’d post what I did for Thanksgiving later, but I think I’ll post a kyaraben I made the other day first since I blogged recently. Bento #68: MGS4 Created and eaten on: 12/4/2009

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