bento #63: Little Big Planet

October 1, 2009

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The price of the PS3 went down about a month ago, and Dell.com was having a sale so my boyfriend finally caved and bought a PS3 slim! There aren’t that many PS3 games we wanted to play but we were going to buy it eventually. Besides, in the mean time we can use it as a blu-ray player. (My latop also plays blu-ray and has HDMI, but it’s a pain to hook it up to the TV) Other day, my boyfriend finally got a game.

Bento #62: Little Big Planet

Bento #62: Little Big Planet (LBP)
Created and eaten on: 9/30/2009

EDIT: Oh snap! Media Molecule (the company that made Little Big Planet) already posted my bento on their blog!

Little Big Planet is a game created by Media Molecule. In LittleBigPlanet, the player controls a small character called Sackboy (or sometimes Sackgirl or a Sack-person), owing to their material and appearance, which can run and jump and manipulate objects by hanging onto them or by dragging or pushing them. (by wikipedia) The graphics are absolutely stunning. Every object has a real-life like texture to it, and it moves & falls like real objects do too. I also loved the opening credits. You can feel that the people who made the game really loved working on it. :)

When we got LBP, I knew that I’d make a bento of it, and started thinking about what kind of food I’d use for Sackboy. In game, he’s very customizable, but the default Sackboy is brown. I thought of making him with rice but it’d be too easy… So looked around in the kitchen and picked Inari-zushi. (Inari is fried bean curd soaked in sweetened water.) Recreating a stage would’ve been cool but extremely hard… so I just copied the packaging design of the game, where he’s sitting on earth, smiling and waving.

Little Big Planet detail

It looks easy, right? Sadly NOT T_T

First, I mixed rice with black sesame seed, a little bit of salt, and put it in the bento box to make Earth. To fill the rest of the space I chopped green leaf lettuce. I used a recipe for thinly sliced pork, and spread it around on the lettuce. Then I put sauteed renkon over the pork, so that I could put other food on top without getting buried in meat. When I was sauteing the renkon, I realized that if I cut the outside of the renkon, it’d look like a gear. So I used a plastic bottle cap to cut the inside part out and sauteed it. I cooked and seasoned broccoli, and put it on the lower left and top right corner.

Little Big Planet detail left angle

Then I started making Sackboy. I opened an Inari-zushi skin, stuffed it with rice, and tried to mold it into the shape of Sackboy’s head. But this was a lot harder than I imagined… Rice absorbed the sweetened water and started to get soggy (which is natural, by the way), and it refused to hold its shape. I worked on it for awhile, but I thought it wouldn’t be done in time if I tried to get it perfect, so I just placed Sackboy’s head in the bento, and moved onto his body, arms and legs.

Little Big Planet detail

It was so hard to mold each piece of the body.

Little Big Planet detail


After I “kind of” put them together, I started making clouds from sliced daikon (Asian radish), trees with broccoli stems, flowers from carrot, stars from cheese. I cheated and used a cutter for flowers and stars, but I freehand cut the rest of it. Then I placed the gears I made with renkon earlier in it.

Little Big Planet detail

Unfortunately, I couldn't put "stickers" on earth.

For his eyes I cut seaweed and put it on kamaboko (fish cake), and I also cut seaweed for his mouth. I added a tiny bit of mayonnaise on the pupils to give them sparkles. Originally I wanted him to have his tongue sticking out, but I didn’t have time, and besides I realized that it probably wouldn’t work after struggling with the inari-zushi skin earlier. For the stitches on his head, I soaked somen (really thin wheat flour noodle) in hot water to make it soft, cut it and put it around the seam on his head. I didn’t have enough time to make the zipper on him, so I just made a pull with kamaboko and put it on his body.

Little Big Planet detail

I wish I could've actually sewn this part together with kanpyo (dried shavings of calabash). I had kyanpyo but ran out of time.

I looked at the bento, and it was definitely too brown… so I added snowpeas around Earth, and cut out a heart from the pink part of kamaboko in last minute.

Little Big Planet detail

Sackboy before he lost weight.

I really really wish I made most of it the night before. Then I could’ve spent more time on details or making him look,,, more like him… Nothing makes me sadder than the main character in bento looking nothing like the actual character. sighs

- inari-zushi
- rice
- seaweed, kamaboko, mayonnaise, somen

- broccoli stem, carrot

- daikon (Asian radish)

- cheese

- kamaboko (fish cake)

Other food:
- lettuce
- pork
- lettuce
- rice mixed with black sesame seed
- snowpeas

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento!
set and Bento details! set on my flickr page.

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JenNo Gravatar October 1, 2009 at 9:48 pm

That’s really cute!!!! I think it does look like him. Clearly the Media Molecule people though so. My husband plays this game too. The game is pretty cute. I like the stitches on his head.


AmyBNo Gravatar October 2, 2009 at 6:18 am

I think your Sackboy is just fine! My boys instantly recognized him! They love LBP, and it’s so cute to watch the 3 of them running around on the screen! Great job!

My mind keeps adding movement to your Bento, since Sackboy rarely sits still like that. :D


BoomboNo Gravatar October 2, 2009 at 7:58 am

Your bento is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hapa bentoNo Gravatar October 2, 2009 at 1:39 pm

I love that you photo each step of assembly. I admire your bento boxes. They’re so wonderful.


RachelNo Gravatar October 4, 2009 at 11:17 pm

wonderful blog, i love the pictures! thank you very much.


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