August 2009

the most tasteless bibimbap I’ve ever had – part 2

August 30, 2009 Blog
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So I wrote about my experience with the blandest bibimbap I’ve ever had. (see the picture of the bibimbap by clicking here.) I’ve read the comments, and I’m sure gochujang/gojoojang would’ve probably given it a bit of flavor, BUT my friend and I agreed that even if we added gochujang/gojoojang, it would’ve probably been absorbed into the bowl of …”stuff.” It was that flavorless! (By […]

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the most tasteless bibimbap I’ve ever had – part 1

August 29, 2009 Blog
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Last Friday was the going away party for one of my co-workers at a karaoke place nearby work. But since it didn’t start until 8:00, my boyfriend, my friends/co-workers and I decided to grab something to eat before going to the karaoke place. The karaoke place was in Korean town in NYC, so we just went to one of Korean restaurants by the karaoke place. […]

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Japanese oil hardener

August 27, 2009 Blog
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Not a bento post, but this is something I’ve always wanted to post on my blog. “Oil hardening” products are very common in Japan. A couple different companies make them, but they’re pretty much the same thing. You put the oil hardening powder into hot oil, leave it until it cools down, and voila! Oil becomes solid so you can throw it away as regular […]

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Gen Con 2009

August 25, 2009 Travel
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I’m alive! I’m alive! Sorry for the looong hiatus. Usually, even if I’m super busy, I try to post about anything to update my blog so people won’t get bored seeing the same front page over and over. But I got pretty tied up with my work and I had to go to another convention. Now that I’m back and finished the project I was […]

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How to make sheep rice ball

August 13, 2009 characters
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My day job, an online card game did a HUGE system update for the game about a week ago. So I’ve been online, writing emails, checking for bugs, chatting with the Japanese developers (the game is originally a Japanese game, my company brought it over to the U.S.) days and nights… and I just couldn’t make the time to update my blog. T_T Anyway, I […]

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