July 2009

bento #59: Meta Knight

July 30, 2009 bento
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I finally decided to make this after making two Kirbys in a row. Bento #59: Meta Knight Created and eaten on 7/29/2009

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new light

July 28, 2009 Blog
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I’ve been wanting to do a blog about this for a long time, but for some reason we never actually took good comparison photos. So we decided to do it tonight! When I started my blog, my boyfriend was using my Canon PowerShot SD600 to take pictures of my bento. I got it because it was small enough to carry it around in my bag, […]

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how to make Kirby sandwich

July 26, 2009 characters
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I’ve already made a Kirby rice ball, but I wanted to make Kirby with more accessible food materials for those people who don’t eat rice regularly. [How to make a Kirby sandwich] – bread – ham (2 ~ 3 slices) – cheese – seaweed – *mayonnaise – *ketchup *optional

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stuffed stuff: Dana doll

July 25, 2009 stuffed stuff
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I wrote a little about a doll of my friend I made in my “Master Chief plush” post. This is one and only Dana doll. My friend and I wanted our friend, Dana, to wear a maid outfit, but we figured that she was too shy to wear it. So I decided to make her a doll of her wearing a maid outfit. I know […]

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how to make Kirby rice ball

July 23, 2009 characters
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I’m pretty surprised that “how to make radish mushroom / Mario mushroom” got so much attention in the past couple of days. Especially because when I did the how-to, my main focus was just a regular mushroom. I thought a regular mushroom would be more useful for regular kyaraben, and the Mario mushroom was just spur of the moment kind of thing. I ended up […]

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