May 2009

how to make sweet n’ sour pickled radish

May 31, 2009 basics
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My boyfriend and I were supposed to go to Boston for his niece’s 2nd birthday party this weekend, but we had to cancel it because his sister had another baby girl! We are so excited for his sister and her family. Since we weren’t going to Boston, we were able to attend the birthday party of one of my old friends from my art school. […]

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non-bento #15: quail egg Prinnies

May 30, 2009 bento
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When I made the Prinny bento, I had prepared some food to put in the bento, but I couldn’t used it because I ran out of time. I didn’t want to waste it, so I just put it in our regular bento. Non-bento #15: Quail egg Prinnies Created and eaten on: 5/29/2009

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bento #50: Prinny

May 28, 2009 bento
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My boyfriend is still playing Patapon 2 on his PSP the most of times, but just the other day, he was trying out a new game. Bento #50: Prinny Created and eaten on: 5/27/2009

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bento sketch book #6

May 26, 2009 sketches
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We still had tons of leftovers from Cracker Barrel, so no need to make bento. =/ Instead, here are some sketches! Bento #41: Ryuk from Death Note I mostly focused on Ryuk’s face, so not much is going on around him. As I mentioned, I did draw Shido and Rem in the background first, but erased them later. I usually don’t erase anything from my […]

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Back from Boston!

May 24, 2009 Travel
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We’re back from Anime Boston! The people I went  with were my boyfriend and four other co-workers. We’re all friends, so even though it was a business trip, we had a great time. My feet and neck were killing me by the end of each day, but one of the great things about a business trip is that we can try different food in the […]

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